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On Meeting Blogger Babes

When Maria (go check her channel out!) invited me to dinner with some of her blogger friends, I'm not gonna lie, I felt kinda scared. I don't know why, but I just get super nervous about meeting new people! But I'm freaking 26, an adult, and there's nothing to be afraid of! So on Tuesday, August 16, I sucked it up, showered, did my face, and met up with some blogger babes. 

Spoiler alert: I had a great time!

I couldn't decide on which hairstyle to go with, and that made me realize that I hate my current hairstyle. I need a haircut and I'm wanting to cut my bangs shorter! What should I do guys? Also, when your highlight is poppin', you gotta capture it in photo with a sideways pose.😂  Lastly, I tried out a few new things from ColourPop and I loved them of course. I finally joined the bandwagon and got myself Brink. It's the perfect nude shade and I have a feeling it will be my go-to "naked" lip color!!! On top of it, I wore something I never thought I'd own, which is their new Ultra Glossy Lip in the shade WeHo. I love how it made my lips look so juicy! I've always thought that all glosses are sticky -- I was wrong. ColourPop's glosses are so creamy but not sticky at all! The only thing I don't like about the shade WeHo: I've noticed that it settles into the little cracks of my lips. It's not alarming though.

Maria and I made our way to Kaldi's Social House in Silver Spring, and there I met Iliana (for the first time) and Jennifer (they're both lovely bloggers that you should check out!). We each had virgin sangrias and had a little snack. I ordered their PB&J sandwich that had Nutella in it, which was good! They all ordered wings with fries which were served with spicy ketchup. We stationed ourselves at the rooftop of the place. It was very nice and quiet; perfect for intimate conversations. I wish I had taken more photos at Kaldi's, but I'm sure there'll be plenty of time for that in the future.

I had a great time hanging out with them because I've never really met other bloggers like me! To hear legit blog talk was very nice and encouraging! Our conversations were meaningful, helpful and most importantly, fun! I'm actually looking forward to hanging out with them again soon because they put me in the blogging mood, which is very good for me! 

It was also very funny to see how other bloggers are when they document moments. We all had our cameras and phones out, ready to capture our food, drinks, and selfies. We also learned a lesson today: get the group shots taken earlier because the sun sets pretty quickly nowadays. 😅

Left to right: Me, Jennifer, Maria, Iliana

Left to right: Me, Jennifer, Maria, Iliana

Today, I learned that we are meant to do life alongside other people. We can survive alone, yes, but life won't be as enjoyable and fulfilling if you're not living it with other people. So in every aspect of your life, try to surround yourself with people who think like you, people who understand you and your visions, people who dream with you, people who push you to do better at what you love doing, people who aren't afraid to let you know of your faults and shortcomings, people who love and support you, people who share your passion, your heart. 

Community is key. 🔑

Ladies, it was really great spending time with you. Until next time! ❤️

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