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7 web links I love to visit

I like keeping myself inspired. I go to Instagram to check my daily Insta-inspiration from the awesome people I follow, I check VSCO's grid and fill my eyes with photos of different perspectives from all over the world, I watch Youtube videos and accumulate more makeup knowledge, and of course, I visit blogs that fuel the blogging machine in my head. I think it's essential to keep being inspired. I think it's a very important aspect to achieving a happy life. 

Today, I'll share the 7 links I love visiting almost on a daily basis. I hope that you find these links inspiring too because that's what they are to me; inspiration. If this was in Pinterest, this would probably be my Inspiration Board: Online edition. :) Explore the internet with me!

Feel and Flourish - Lifestyle, Beauty, DIYs, Personal

She's Gone Lala - Personal, Life, God, DIYs

Ditz Revolution - Lifestyle, Personal, Beauty/Fashion, Filipina

Wild-Spirit - Lifestlye, Beauty, Hair, Fashion, Personal, Filipina

Nirav Patel Photography - Photography, Weddings

The Vee Side - Beauty, Makeup, Filipina

VSCO -  Photography

disclaimer: I do not claim any of the photos posted here

- CS