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On the road: Yukon and British Columbia

Jorge and I have been anticipating for this road trip since last week and we're really glad we were able to go yesterday, as planned! We decided to go drive past Carcross this time, all the way to British Columbia, because I told Jorge how pretty the views were along that road.  I've been on these roads twice before this trip. First, in the summer of 2013, then in the fall of the same year (when I had to exit Canada for my Permanent Residence card). I've never experienced driving along those roads in the winter so I thought it would be nice to show Jorge how it looks right before all the white goodness melts off. After our day trip, Jorge was convinced to drive back again, but in the summer this time, when all the colors would just be a beautiful and vibrant sight to see!

Yesterday, our drive started out with the sun high up in the sky, making everything around us look so bright and big! It was glorious! Then as soon as we entered BC, it started to look a little foggy, then a little more, then it started snowing a little bit, and then lots! It looked so epic!

I took lots of photos, but when we got home, I saw that most of my photos had reflections of the van's windows and windshield and made me feel UGH, but I still have some nice pictures to share with you guys so I guess I shouldn't pout too much. It's a lesson learned though, that's for sure.

click on photos for full-size

Jorge and I didn't really get the chance to take photos of each other because the roads in BC had "avalanche areas" and we weren't allowed to stop. Also, there was always a car in front of us or behind us and we didn't want to slow anybody down. There were lots of times when we wanted to stop but we just couldn't!

Here are some phhhotos I took from yesterday's trip. I didn't have cell reception in BC but I'm so glad phhhoto is able to keep my unpublished phhhotos for me to be able to post them later. :) If you follow me on phhhoto, sorry about the phhhoto spam. :p

I also recorded some video clips to share with you but I still have to edit those. I'll save that for another blog post. :) I asked you guys on Instagram if you guys would like to get some freebies from me and I'm really excited to be releasing Jorge and I's first ever wallpaper/stock photo packs for you guys! We're just getting all of our photos done and a "FREEBIES" page should magically appear in my navigation bar sometime this week. 

When somebody mentions the words "road trip", what place do you instantly think of going to? Let me know in the comment box below! Since BC and Carcross are close to Whitehorse, it's where Jorge and I usually drive to. Also, during entire drive, the Looking for Alaska playlist on Spotify was playing! I think it's a perfect playlist to listen to! What kind of music/playlists do you listen to on road trips? Share them with me!