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Our Haeckel Hill Adventure

On Saturday, Jorge and I started our day late, as usual. It was my day off so we slept in, like we usually do. We bonded with my sister and Heather over breakfast, then I wrote blog posts that I actually finished writing! WOOHOO! Jorge helped me with my blog photos and everything went according to plan. I was able to accomplish my to-do list and at 5PM, Jorge and I were left with nothing to do! Okay, maybe we could have done laundry because I can see our laundry basket overflowing with dirty laundry right now. But yeah, we felt so bored that day! WHAT TO DO?!

Until I went on Instagram and saw Cody's post and got very excited! There's actually a place here in Whitehorse that we haven't actually been on yet! I asked my sister if we could borrow the van (of course she said yes), then we packed our bags and we were off! I've always wondered whether it was possible to go where the turbines are and apparently, it is! When Jorge and I knew about this, we didn't waste a moment, after all, we had nothing else to do! When all else fails, go out and explore you guys! <3

It was a bit rainy that day so we were surprised with a bunch of rainbows on our little expedition. It was definitely a great day! 

If you follow me on Snapchat, you probably know how I ended up losing my voice. HAHA. It's because I was screaming and running around Haeckel Hill when we saw the rainbows, all captured in my snapchat story! I tried to upload it here but the snapchat video is broken. Sorry! Like this post if you were one of those who watched the entire 600 seconds of it!

I swear, these photos don't give justice to this breathtaking place! You'll have to see this for yourself to be reminded, again, of how amazing our Creator is!

Last five photos were taken by Jorge and the rest were all taken by me with my iPhone 5s, edited of course with VSCOcam.

When was the last time you went to a place you've never been before? xx