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Thrift Store Diaries: Oversized White Embroidered Top & Denim Skirt

Continuing on the new series I started here, I'm featuring two pieces that I never thought I'd wear together. 

One I love so much, the other one I hated at the beginning! If you watch my vlogs, you probably already know the story about THE skirt. 

Thrift Store Diaries


Let's talk about the beautiful white shirt first! I don't remember how much I got it for exactly, but I know that it's under $10. It's an oversized white collared shirt, that has a school uniform vibe to it. What drew me to purchase this shirt is the pretty embroidered flowers in the front, which was so on trend when I got it. I like wearing it with high-waisted bottoms, whether it be jeans or skirts. And I'm sure by now, you know that I love wearing my clothes in more than one way, and this top is no exception! 

Because the shirt is oversized, I'm able to wear it as an off-shoulder top. The trick is to leave the first few buttons undone, and pull the shirt down the way it is pictured below. I love that it gave the shirt a little bit of oomf factor! Peep the original look of the shirt below. I then just tucked in the rest of the shirt inside the denim skirt I have a love-hate relationship with.

Thrift Store Diaries
Thrift Store Diaries
Thrift Store Diaries


watch - danielwellington

shoes - adidas nmd primeknit

purse - justfab



lip color - lovebug from colourpop

neck tie - shein

Thrift Store Diaries

If you already know the story about the skirt (that darn skirt), then you real! HAHA. If not, then let this video clip enlighten you! I believe this skirt was $6? I'm not sure, but it was, like the white shirt, under 10 bucks! It's an H&M high-waisted skirt that has buttons in the front, which what made me purchase it, even though it freaking cut my thumb open. I don't know if you noticed it, but the skirt is a little too tight on me. I think it's because I'm in my late twenties, I have developed a belly pouch, and it's kinda annoying but it is what it is. If you look closely, the skirt is kind of bursting open after the second button. HAHA. 


Anyway, like I said in the beginning of this post, I never thought I would be able to wear these two pieces together, but I love how this outfit turned out! Jorge liked it a lot too, because it's a little different and fun than all the other "safe" looks I do.

Thrift Store Diaries
Thrift Store Diaries

What do you think? Did you like this outfit? Which look do you prefer? 1 or 2? Let me know below!

Photo by: Jorge Suarez edit by moi using my CREAM preset.