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Plan With Me: April 2017

I've decided to start doing this "Plan with Me" things every month. So basically, I will just show you guys the spreads I create at the beginning of the month, and a sample of my current weekly spread. This will also be the place where I update you guys on the materials I've been using, the new spreads I've added, and just all things BuJo! I hope you enjoy this new segment of the blog.

So without further chatter, plan with me!

Monthly Spread and Tracker

Nothing much has changed in my Monthly Spread, except that I divided the month into two categories: Personal/Work and Ascend. So far, it's been working really great because I get to see the events/tasks/deadlines more clearly. Before, I just put all of them beside each other which sometimes just end up looking like a long sentence. 😂

I changed up my tracker a little bit too! You will notice that I added a mood tracker in there, and so far, I'm liking it! I think it's nice to be able to see my mood swings in paper haha. This mood tracker is inspired by AmandaRachLee.

Corinth's April Monthly Spread

Gratitude Spread

The only thing that changed here is the design and the color scheme. HAHA. It's still the same spread as the past ones because this layout has been working really great for me! 

Corinth's Gratitude Page

Memories & Favorites

Like my Gratitude spread, my memories and favorites spreads stayed the same, except for the design. By now, I'm sure you've noticed the theme of April. :) Do you like it?

You will notice that on my memories spread, I didn't do drawings. Sometimes, my memories don't have a corresponding image to it, so I just write what event took place in a box, and add the date.

Corinth's Memories and Favorites Spreads


I finally nailed this spread! I kind of made a mistake on the calendar, but it's not really a big deal to me, as long as I understand my whole layout. I've had a few trials and errors on this spread in the past because I just couldn't get the measurements of the boxes right, but this month I got it right, and I'm so happy with how it turned out!

For the work plan page, it looks so much cleaner now. And I can say that this werk plan and calendar worked so well for me in March! If you go check out my archive page here on the blog, you will see that I've posted regularly this past month. I pat myself on the back for that! :) 

Corinth's Werk Plan Spread


Like my werk plan spread, I'm so glad that I finally found the weekly layout that works well for me! Since I got rid of my daily pages altogether, I feel less pressured to check my notebook all the time, and at the same time, I do not use up as many pages anymore! Also, this way, I don't just pile up tasks after tasks on a page, and feel bad when I end up not accomplishing them. This weekly spread really allows me to put down important tasks, and I've noticed that I've become more productive as well. This spread is also inspired by Amanda! I just love her bujo! 

You will see that I added a word at the lower right hand corner of the page that says "RECEIVE". So at the end of March, I was at a retreat, and the word that was spoken over me for the two days I was there was to receive. So I put it there, so I will be reminded everyday that God has soooo much for me; a lot more than I could ever imagine, and all I have to do is receive.

One more thing, I changed my task indicators! My tasks are now a circle, which I fill out once done! I just kind of got tired of the crossing out of tasks, and to me that kind of looked ugly. Loving it so much! If a task or event is cancelled, I put a line across the circle. If the task is migrated, I put a small arrow forward.

Corinth's April Weekly Spread

S u p p l i e s    U s e d :

So there you go, my April Bullet Journal Spreads. Let me know what spreads you cannot live without! Also, send me pics on Twitter so I can see! I'm always looking for new ways I can do life with the help of bullet journaling! :)