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Plan With Me: June 2017

Just like that, we're already halfway through 2017! It's crazy how fast time flies!!! 

I'm nearing the end of my first bullet journal! This notebook has changed my daily life, and I don't think I could ever live without one anymore. I'm really excited to start on a new notebook, because in the 9 months that I've used the bullet journal system, I've learned a lot! From the different spreads/layouts that worked and didn't work for me, to the pens and markers that I prefer using, from the awesome people that inspired me, to the creativity that I was able to re-awaken inside me; it's been an awesome journey. I've also learned a lot about myself in terms of time management, and how I sometimes still manage to have unproductive days despite having a bullet journal. HAHA. With all that said, I'm just really looking forward to starting fresh, and I'm sure that this time around, I will be satisfied and happy with every turn of a page.

Soooo, I was still able to squeeze in the month of June in this notebook, and nothing much has changed in the layouts I used. I did, however, start using the Crayola Supertips and I am so incredibly happy with them! I started using them halfway through May, and for all my June spreads. I got the 50 count pack which was only $7.00 at Target. It has very minimal ghosting, no bleeding at all, and it has a fine tip, but thick sides, which you can also use for calligraphy work!

PS: my "calligraphy" skills are not that good so don't hate haha.

Last month's color theme was green, this month's is pink, and I'm so in love!!! Also, I didn't know what "design" I wanted to do for June, but for some reason, I just started drawing shapes as I was creating my "many thanks" page, so SHAPES it is! Haha. Enjoy looking through!

For my next bullet journal post, I will be sharing my favorite pages from this notebook! I have a few that I love, and you will definitely notice the evolution of my bullet journal. :)

What's your favorite color theme/theme for your spreads?