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Plan With Me - March 2018

While January took its sweet sweet time, February came and left like it never happened! We're already halfway through March, and all I can say is, "where did the time go?"

I know this Plan With Me post is very late, but I still wanted to post it because I'm pretty happy with how my spreads turned out even though *spoiler alert*, they look a little gloomy.

March Plan With Me - 2018

The theme for this month is gloomy since March has been very dark, wet, and cold so far. I chose a very dull blue and grey for this month's accent color and though the overall look isn't cheerful, I'm pretty happy how these spreads turned out. I've made little changes and added a new spread so let's just get right to business.


I didn't really change anything from my monthly spread, and I tried to make it as simple as possible. My March is pretty packed with events and meetings, and some aren't even included in this photo. Lord give me strength! 


Now this is where I started to switch things up a bit. You will notice that I've separated the things I'm tracking into their own little graphs for the same reason Amanda Rach did hers. My old habit tracker layouts weren't as successful as I planned them to be, and I'm hoping that this switch in method will actually prompt me keep track of these important things/goals in my daily life. It's also nice to be able to see better what I need to work better on when the month ends. I did however, kind of failed in creating the graphs. I should have started the graph days on a "MONDAY" so it's easier for me to track things weekly. I'll have to improve it for April. 

AAAAND finally, a Bible Reading Plan resides in my bullet journal again. I used to have a Bible reading plan in my first bullet journal but the layout was so messy that I didn't have the craving to check up on it. For this year, I decided to do them monthly so it would not be too overwhelming for me to look at, and I tried to think of a way to make it look somewhat pretty and neat. 


The small numbers on the upper left corner of the box is the date, and each date has an outline of water drop beside it. I fill out the water drop with my blue accent color when I do accomplish my Bible reading/devo that day. It's pretty simple and straight forward! Click here to find a Bible plan for you. I went with the 5x5x5 plan.

March Plan With Me


I didn't really change anything here. Since I'm starting to get back into the swing of blogging things, I've gotten a lot more use out of this spread. I'm so thankful to be getting a few collaborations and sponsorships this month, and I love that I have this spread to help keep me organized. It's pretty straightforward, but if you have any questions about how I use it, just leave me a comment. :)


I renamed my "what's in a day" spread to a simpler one, and as you've seen, I have cut the space in half. This is where I will be journaling memorable days out of the month, and the way I fill this out is by drawing a blue water drop as the date background, and I just write whatever I want to document from that day. 

March Plan With Me - Weekly Spread
March Plan With Me - Weekly Spread


Last, but definitely not least, is my weekly spread. This is the spread I visit the most because this is where I write down all my tasks for the week. I kept it super simple because the day I created these spreads, my creative juices just weren't flowing. I still kept at the gloomy theme by adding water drops and a rain cloud.


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