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Plan With Me: May 2017

I literally changed nothing in my May spreads, except for the color and theme.

I kept all the layouts the same because they all still worked for me! I made the color theme green, because it is my birthday month, and Emerald is my birth stone. Also because I don't really have much variety when it comes to pretty color combos with my Tombow pens. And because I don't know how to draw jewels, I decorated my spreads with green vines, and leaves. How basic! 😂 🌿

You will see in my monthly spread an obnoxious title, because I messed up my calligraphy writing of the 3-letter-word MAY! HAHA. I sort of fixed it by covering up the entire word with a black pen, and wrote the semi-improved writing of May with a white pen. I learned this trick from Amandarachlee! Check her out if you haven't already! Her bullet journal videos are goals!!!

Anyway, enjoy looking through the last few pages of my first bullet journal! I need to buy a new one this month, and hopefully, I score the real Bullet Journal notebook for my next one! 

Do you guys want to see a compilation of my favorite spreads from this journal?

Let me know!