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Hello Corinth! Grabe! I am super excited for you and jorge. Haha, dami kong tanong. 1) How do you prepare for the wedding? 2) You planning to have kids already? 3) What are the things you are about to sacrifice for marriage? Congratulations, lovers!

Thanks gurl! 
  • Jorge and I decided to have the civil wedding this year so we can process his sponsorship papers as soon as possible, and with that said, we’ll just have a really small and intimate wedding with just my family here in Whitehorse. We won’t have the whole ‘walking down the aisle’ entourage so for decorations, we’ll just keep it simple with DIY stuff.

  • KIDS?! Not yet! Jorge and I will enjoy being a couple first since we were deprived of that perk because of our long distance relationship. We’ll have kids in the future but not just yet. ;)
  • To name a few, Jorge sacrificed being with his family by moving to Whitehorse to be with me for good. That meant leaving his job, his friends and his home. It’s a really big step for him but he’s happy with his decision. It’s been difficult financially as usual, and now that Jorge is here and can’t work, it’ll be harder but we know it will be worth it. I won’t be able to go shopping online as much anymore but I’d choose Jorge all the time, no matter what! HIHI. <3



My gawd! I always feel like crying whenever I see your posts here and on instagram about your relationship. :’) One reason is that I feel happy for you both ‘cause you are so blessed. <3 and second.. well.. I guess I feel a little envious and I sometimes fear that I might never find something like what you guys have. :(

Aww. Thank you so much! Don’t feel envious! Our relationship has downs too and there’s no perfect relationship, but Jorge and I have a perfect God and seriously, it’s all because of God that we have this strong and loving relationship. I’m sure you’ll meet the one someday. Just remember to love Him first, and everything will just fall into place.



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I love both your Instagram and blog, you seem like such a nice and creative person! I really would like to congratulate Jorge and you! :) My best friend and I are going to travel to Canada for the very first time in August and will stay until February 2015 (we will travel and wwoof). Most of the time, we will travel through BC and Alberta. Do you have any tips for us, any special places we should visit? Thanks a lot :)

Thank you very much! I don’t know exact places you should go visit but you’ll be traveling around Canada so I’m sure you’ll see amazing things and really feel God’s glory! Make sure to always bring a water bottle with you whenever you go exploring. Check the weather before leaving so you know how you should dress for the day and take lots of pictures and of course, have fun and live in the moment! <3

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