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Refreshing Quality Time with Tazo Tea

This post is sponsored by Tazo Iced Tea but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

With our first child almost here, my husband and I try to get as much quality time as possible.

We know that once the baby's out, all our attention will turn to her, so Jorge and I make it a point to make the most of our few remaining weeks of being a family of two.

Refreshing Quality Time with Tazo Tea

I remember back when we used to live in Canada, my husband and I would spend time together by going on a lot of road trips, sight-seeings, and of course, photo ops. Now that we live in the DMV area, it's a little hard to do all that since there are no majestic landscapes around here. And with me 8 months into my pregnancy makes things a little bit more challenging. But regardless of the place we're living in, and the condition I'm in, Jorge and I still find time to go on simpler adventures. 

it's staying in bed a little longer to cuddle, singing the "good morning song" together to the little girl living inside my belly, a quick brunch date at our favorite breakfast place, visiting our favorite coffee spot to get some work done, going to my doctor's appointments together, baby shopping, driving around town to discover some nice places now that summer is in full swing, craving and eating our new found obsession: a 4-layer carrot cake, having photos taken for my clients, and of course, short scenic walks with refreshing Tazo Bottled Teas in our hands.

I love these Tazo Bottled Iced Teas, and my personal favorite flavor is Giant Peach. It's the perfect refreshing drink to take with me on Jorge and I's summer walks. It has the perfect balance of that tea and fruity taste! 

And guess what, June 10th is National Iced Tea Day! What better way to celebrate than with a cold and delicious Tazo Bottled Iced Tea? Also, starting today, June 6th through June 24th, you can get 30% off by purchasing Tazo Bottled Iced Tea HERE.

Where will you take your Tazo Bottled Iced Tea?

Adventures or spending quality time doesn't have to be this grandiose thing.

Adventure is what you make of it, and for Jorge and I, very soon, our daughter will be our biggest and most important adventure yet.