7 Luxury Jewelry Stores That Don't Break The Bank

One of my goals this year is to be more intentional with the jewelry I buy!

What do I mean by this? Well, you probably don’t know this about me, but when it comes to shopping, my mind is set to “the cheaper the better” or “quantity over quality”. I want to change that this year! I’ve noticed that my “cheap” jewelry don’t really last long! Some have even turned dark after one use! Yes, I got them for only $5 but I would like to be able to wear them more than once, you know? Plus, the only thing left to do with those tarnished jewelry is to be thrown away. WHAT A WASTE!

So today, I will be sharing with you some of the jewelry stores that sell great quality pieces that are not too heavy on the pocket but don’t compromise on quality as well! Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and grab a piece or two to remind yourself that you deserve to be loved by you too!

  1. Tous

    Tous’ mission as a brand is to provide fine jewelry and accessories that celebrate each moment of life. They offer jewelry, handbags, watches, and so much more! Their products are of great quality yet their prices are not ridiculously high! They sent me 5 pieces of jewelry that I picked out myself and I AM OBSESSED WITH ALL OF THEM! I can really say that each were made well, and I love that most of their pieces have their signature logo: a cute little bear! They even have jewelry for kids! I’m really looking forward to buying Adeline a few pieces from them too! (this post is not sponsored, but my Tous jewelry were gifted to me for an Instagram post)


    Rose Vermeil Silver Eklat Earcuff with Topaz - I’ve always wanted an earcuff because I just think it looks so cool! I picked this one because it is soooo beautiful! I mean, it speaks for itself! It’s definitely a nice add-on piece to any jewelry I wear that day!
    Medium Rose Vermeil Silver Hold Ring - I chose this pendant to add to the silver necklace I picked out! I’ve been really loving the look of mixed metals and I thought this is one great way to do it! It’s very forgiving, and I love how the two rings contrast because I chose a bigger pendant. PS: Most of their jewelry are customizable! You choose from a bunch of different pendants, and add them on to your earrings, bracelets, and necklaces!
    Silver Hold Necklace - I chose this necklace because I realized that I don’t really have a lot of silver jewelry, and it’s always nice to have options! I love how simple and dainty this looks on its own! But like I said above, I spruced it up by adding my rose gold pendant! Do you like the combo I did?
    Medium Silver Hold Earrings - I got these earrings for the same reason I got the silver necklace, I NEED MORE SILVER PIECES! These earrings are a great addition to my collection, and they are the perfect match to my necklace! I love how simple they are, but again, I’m able to customize it with the different pendants Tous offers.
    Titanium Gem Power Ring with Gold and Rubies - Last but certainly not least, I got myself a dainty ring! I chose this particular style because it has gold, it’s made out of titanium, and it has a ruby, which is Adeline’s birth stone! I love that every time I wear this ring, I will be reminded of her. It’s such a cute piece to wear everyday!

  2. Mejuri

    If you’re on Instagram then you’ve probably heard of this brand! Mejuri has already made a name for itself and I cannot deny how beautiful their pieces are! I have yet to own anything from them, but I am eyeing this, this and this, and to be honest, EVERYTHING on their website! They want to provide luxury jewelry without robbing us of thousands of money, and they do so by freeing themselves from middlemen so they can sell directly to us! No middleman means no markups!

  3. Gldn

    Gldn is probably one of my favorite online jewelry store because of their unique customizable designs! If you browse their site, you’ll understand what I mean! They have the most beautiful dainty pieces that are perfect to gift to yourself and to your loved ones! And again, their prices are amazing!

  4. Made By Mary

    This shop is very big in the mommy community! I feel like all the moms on Instagram have a piece or two from Made by Mary. Their stamped pieces are I think what people love the most, but my favorite will have to be their Breathe Collection and their Mommy&Me Pieces like these bracelets!

  5. Fresh Tangerine

    I own a few rings from this shop and even after years of wear, I’m happy to announce that they still look brand new! I’m sad because I lost a few pieces (from moving countries and houses a lot), but I do plan on buying more stacking rings from them in the future! I love me some finger candy!

  6. Maison Miru

    Looking for dainty jewelry that are statement pieces at the same time? Maison Miru is the one for you! I discovered them on Instagram and I am personally loving their earrings and ear cuffs!!! They make me want to get more ear piercings because I want to wear all their stuff! PSA: They’re giving away these stunning studs for the price of shipping!!!

  7. Oak and Luna

    I became obsessed with this store the moment I saw this custom necklace! How awesome would it be to wear one that says ‘Adeline’?! I know!! So cute! I’m not so much into astrology, signs, and whatnot but their Zodiac Collection is stunning!

Where do you buy most of your jewelry?
Also, are you a gold, silver, or rose gold lover?


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