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Black Winter

Sunday is my rest day from work, but not from our house. Sunday means doing the chores so that’s kind of a bummer. BOO. But today, I felt extra nice so I dusted, washed the windows and washed the kitchen rugs too! I wiped and wiped until I was satisfied and I was glad that I finished early! Then my sister told me that she was doing up a storyboard for her OOTD video for Instagram, and that made my ears ring! I KNOW I’M FREAKING TIRED BUT IT’S JUST -5 DEGREES SO YES I’M WILLING TO GO OUT TO SHOOT YOU YES YES! I immediately agreed! It was just a short hike so I was up for it and the weather was perfect for a photo shoot / OOTD video shoot. And I felt like I deserve this mini shoot outdoors after being so stressed out and exhausted these past couple of days. Being outside is good for the soul! Tip: Be outside more often!

I took her to one of the places I visited the most in my past exploration trips. The view was spectacular as usual! Here are some of the photos I took from today’s short adventure. All taken by my Canon EOS 7d and edited with VSCO Film.

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