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Happy Twenteen Mikhaelah! | #TBT [VIDEO]

My sister Micah turns 20-een today and I thought it's the perfect time to dedicate a #TBT to her. She's currently exploring Vancouver to renew her passport, and celebrate her birthday at the same time, all by herself! Basically what I did last year, but gosh, she's just 19 (as I'm typing this)! HAHA. She's so brave!

Anyway, for her 18th birthday, we decided to create a short video as an online invitation for her "bonggang debut". We opted for this option because we didn't have money to shell out for formal invites, and we thought, this way, it would be unique, just like her! We planned the whole party, handcrafted decorations and stayed up late, just to get everything ready, and although her 18th birthday party wasn't perfect (there may have been some anger and crying along the way), it was the 18th birthday celebration I never had. 💙

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5 years...

I cannot believe it's been 5 years already since my mother passed away. I can't believe how many things have changed in just a span of 5 years; my sisters and I moved to Canada, my sister Hannah has her own family of four, I got married to the most amazing guy in the world, and now, I'm on my way to the US to be with him. 

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#TBT: My Thoughts on Finding True Love

People always say that love will just come to you, that you don’t have to go look for it . That is part truth, but half false too. People always try to look for it at the wrong places and in the wrong people when we should be searching for God, love Himself. God is Love and that’s the simple truth. When you have found God and dwell in His presence, your life will just be filled with love and your whole being will just be overflowing with nothing but love, and someone will just eventually fall in love with the person that you are. I hope that made sense.

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