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Montreal | PART 3

We're almost coming to an end with my #CorinthGoesToMontreal series! CLICK HERE IF YOU MISSED PART ONE AND TWO.

  • DAY 6 - Tuesday was my last free day to explore freely so I really made the most out of it. I roamed around the downtown area for a bit and I went to see an art museum, which was absolutely free of charge! I tried to find and explore the Underground City that day (I also tried some days ago),  but I failed miserably. I killed my feet trying to do that so just I decided to go back to Mont-Royal to crush on more houses because the last time I went, darkness fell upon me quickly. After I took a bunch of #houseportraits, I ended up going to this coffee shop called Café Venosa which is a vegan coffee joint and they have cats inside! You read that right. CATS IN A COFFEE SHOP! I was so happy! 😻 The almond milk mocha I had was pretty good too. 
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Montreal | PART 2

Let's continue on my Montreal adventure shall we? CLICK ME IF YOU MISSED PART 1.

  • DAY 3 - On my third day, I woke up very late and I decided I would just have a slow day and go see a movie. I went to the closest movie theater from the apartment. I bought a ticket for The Martian but the show didn't start until after an hour and 3o mins so I went to Mc Donald's to wait and go for a bathroom break. So I go inside the cubicle, set my phone on top of the toilet paper holder and then.... CRASH! My phone screen was smashed into pieces and I cried! I felt so helpless and I was alone so you can just imagine my grief! Thank God for Google, I was able to find a convenience store nearby and I bought tape to hold the remaining pieces of my phone screen in place (thanks Jorge for the tip!). I was so mad at myself for being so careless. Then I went and saw the movie and I realized that my smashed iPhone 5s screen was nothing compared to Matt Damon's dilemma. PERSPECTIVE!
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Montreal | PART 1

I can't believe I waited for almost two months to get this post up! I am extremely ashamed of myself but here it is nonetheless. I will be cutting up my Montreal blog posts into three parts and I will also be posting a Montreal Vlog as the last post of my #CorinthGoesToMontreal Series. This will be a photo diary sort of post because I don't want to bore you with details of the trip so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves. 

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VLOG: Vancouver, Canada - #CorinthGoestoVancouver

I finally finished editing the video and it's now live! I won't say much on here anymore because I already wrote three blog posts about this trip. 

If you want to see how I did the picture with Fritz leaning with the slanting trees, and if you want to see Vancouver in motion, watch the entire thing. It's a little long, but I promise it's not boring! 

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Vancouver, CA | Day Three + Goodbye

Day three in Vancouver was wet and COLD! It rained all day but it was still my favorite day when I was in Vancouver. I was texting with Fritz that morning and I told him that I would meet him at 12PM because I wanted to do some last minute shopping at the mall near my hotel. I've only known Fritz from Instagram and this would be the first time I meet him in person. He told me that he and Glenny, his friend, would drive me around and outside of Vancouver. I was excited!


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Vancouver, CA | Day Two

Day two is actually my first FULL day in Vancouver and I was scheduled for my passport renewal at 11:30 AM. The night before, I set my alarm at 7AM but I woke up at 5:30! The hotel's pipes woke me up! My neighbors like to wake up and shower early in the morning, and I'm a very light sleeper so yeah, I woke up with them too. :( I wanted to sleep some more but they liked their hot baths I guess. So instead of trying to go back to sleep, I pushed myself out of bed and I made myself presentable for breakfast.

I decided to check out Cloud 9, which was the revolving restaurant located in my hotel that boasts a 360 view of Vancouver. I'm glad I decided to have breakfast at 7AM. There were only a few people and I like a quiet morning. 

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On the road: Yukon and British Columbia

Jorge and I have been anticipating for this road trip since last week and we're really glad we were able to go yesterday, as planned! We decided to go drive past Carcross this time, all the way to British Columbia, because I told Jorge how pretty the views were along that road.  I've been on these roads twice before this trip. First, in the summer of 2013, then in the fall of the same year (when I had to exit Canada for my Permanent Residence card). I've never experienced driving along those roads in the winter so I thought it would be nice to show Jorge how it looks right before all the white goodness melts off. After our day trip, Jorge was convinced to drive back again, but in the summer this time, when all the colors would just be a beautiful and vibrant sight to see!

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