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Happy Twenteen Mikhaelah! | #TBT [VIDEO]

My sister Micah turns 20-een today and I thought it's the perfect time to dedicate a #TBT to her. She's currently exploring Vancouver to renew her passport, and celebrate her birthday at the same time, all by herself! Basically what I did last year, but gosh, she's just 19 (as I'm typing this)! HAHA. She's so brave!

Anyway, for her 18th birthday, we decided to create a short video as an online invitation for her "bonggang debut". We opted for this option because we didn't have money to shell out for formal invites, and we thought, this way, it would be unique, just like her! We planned the whole party, handcrafted decorations and stayed up late, just to get everything ready, and although her 18th birthday party wasn't perfect (there may have been some anger and crying along the way), it was the 18th birthday celebration I never had. 💙

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Happy Easter!

Today, my sisters and I celebrated Jesus’ Resurrection at Ricky’s. It was nice to talk about Jesus over delicious food and of course, with family. I had the Big Waffle breakfast and it was amazing as usual. I had a couple cups of coffee and I was full with sister chatter. It’s nice to spend time with my sisters. It’s been awhile since we went out just the four of us.

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Black Winter

Sunday is my rest day from work, but not from our house. Sunday means doing the chores so that’s kind of a bummer. BOO. But today, I felt extra nice so I dusted, washed the windows and washed the kitchen rugs too! I wiped and wiped until I was satisfied and I was glad that I finished early! Then my sister told me that she was doing up a storyboard for her OOTD video for Instagram, and that made my ears ring! I KNOW I’M FREAKING TIRED BUT IT’S JUST -5 DEGREES SO YES I’M WILLING TO GO OUT TO SHOOT YOU YES YES! I immediately agreed! It was just a short hike so I was up for it and the weather was perfect for a photo shoot / OOTD video shoot. And I felt like I deserve this mini shoot outdoors after being so stressed out and exhausted these past couple of days. Being outside is good for the soul! Tip: Be outside more often!

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