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$50 Shein Summer Haul

A few months ago, I purchased some things from and I pretty much loved everything that I got.

Shopping from Shein can be a hit or miss because they're sizing differ per piece, so reading the reviews and sizing details before purchasing is a must. But like I said, I hit a jackpot with all the pieces that I picked out, and I only paid around $50 for three dresses, a purse, and a pair of slippers! If you are looking for a place to shop for cute clothing and accessories without breaking the bank, do check out

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ColourPop Birthday Haul | TRY ON and SWATCHES [VIDEO]

Hey guys, it's been a whole week since the last time I updated my blog! 😭  I'm so sorry. I have been just so busy these past few weeks. I'll be sure to update you guys on a Life Lately post soon because A LOT has changed in my schedule and I'm excited to fill you guys in.

For now, enjoy this video of my recent ColourPop Haul. Two days after my birthday, Jorge blessed me with a birthday shopping on the website and I'm so happy with all the things I got. Don't forget to give the video a THUMBS UP👍🏻 if you enjoyed it and if you want to see more ColourPop videos, and SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you aren't subscribed already. 

Thank you guys for your support. Talk to you guys soon! 😘 

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Korean Beauty and Skincare Haul | MEMEBOX

Ever since the boom of KPOP, I've always been so curious about Korean skincare because Koreans' skin just look so flawless! I don't think I've ever seen a Korean with really bad skin. I've seen some Koreans in person and I've come to the conclusion that they don't have pores! 😂  How can their faces be so smooth and fresh looking all the time?! That's how I know Korean skin care products are worth checking out because they definitely know what they're doing! 

MemeBox (pronounced as mee-mee) is the world's number one K-beauty store, as it is stated on their website. They do curated boxes which you can subscribe to, and they also function as a regular online shop where you can directly purchase K-beauty products from. They carry a wide variety of K-Beauty brands like Etude House, InnisFree, SkinFood, Banila Co, and many more.

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The Estée Edit | Haul & First Impression

When I received the e-mail that The Estée Edit wanted to send some products my way, I was surprised at first, then pleased! 1. Who the heck is The Estée Edit? and 2. What do they offer?
So when I finished reading the e-mail thoroughly, this is what I learned: The Estée Edit is by Estée Lauder and that you can get them exclusively at Sephora!

Now you see why I was pleased. When I saw the name Estée Lauder, I felt so excited! Really? They want to send me stuff to try out before the official launch? HECK YES! I'm on board!
And now, here I am, introducing you to a few of the products they sent me. They're very new in the makeup world, targeting 18-34 year olds and their inspiration is Kendall and Kim. Are they worth checking out? (YASSS! I want to look like Kendall. 😂)

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IT Cosmetics Top 5 Bestselling Products | Review + Video

This is probably going to be the most special post about makeup I'll ever do, both here on the blog and on my channel. Why? It's because IT Cosmetics is the first makeup company that reached out to me, ever, and sent me products to try out. I was in shock when I read their e-mail and at first I didn't really believe it. FORREAL?! WHAT? ME?!! HOW?!! It was really unbelievable but when it sank in, I just realized how blessed I was and I was just so excited! Victoria, if you're reading this, I would like to thank you again, from the bottom of my makeup-obsessed heart! 💖



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ColourPop X Kathleenlights | Where The Night Is and New Lippies

On December 26th of 2015, Colourpop released Where The Night Is and two brand new lippie colors, all in collaboration with Kathleenlights. Thank the Lord for the Christmas money, I was able to purchase all of it because I love Kathleen and I will support her in everything she creates. The only thing I don't have in my Kathleenlights collection is her Havana Nights liquid lipstick. 😭 I will get it too though... someday. I also wrote about her first collection, Where The Light Is (see what she did there?), which actually started my Colourpop obsession. You can read about that here

Want to see photos and swatches?

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ColourPop Haul + Swatches and Mini Review!

When I did my Sephora shopping last April, I told myself that that would be my birthday treat to myself because the stuff I bought there were pretty expensive! Of course, come my birthday month, I felt the NEED to buy more, uhm, makeup. 

KathleenLights came out with her own  eyeshadow foursome in collaboration with ColourPop and I've always wanted to get it the day it became available on the ColourPop website, but I was holding myself back from immediately buying it because of my big makeup spending last April! Three days after my birthday, I was on the website, looking at all the pretty stuff I could buy, then all of a sudden, my sister Hannah told me that she was going to buy me Kathleen's Where The Light Is quad as her birthday present to me! And now here we are!

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