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Our New Favorite Way To Drink Water - Put Filters First!

I don’t know about you but I’m picky when it comes to our drinking water. A lot of companies have weird tasting water, and not to mention, they contribute so much plastic and waste to our already dying world. Yikes!

But let me come clean. I’m ashamed to admit that before moving to Miami, we were consuming hundreds of single-use water bottles every month! Heck, we used to drink at least 10 bottles a day — THAT’S A LOT! Not gonna lie; these water bottles are convenient, but if you really think about the aftermath of using these bottles, you’re left with random plastic bottles all over your house that you have to clean up, and recycling them takes more than just dumping them in the recycling bin because not all plastics are the same. Drinking from these water bottles is actually work. So is it really convenient? I don’t think so!

We made a decision to finally stop this nonsense when we moved to our new home, and boy, does it feel great to NOT see random plastic bottles all over our apartment! We’ve made the switch, and if you want to find out our new favorite way to drink water then keep reading! #PutFiltersFirst

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6 Awesome Gift Ideas For Dads

Father's Day is just around the corner and yes, they deserve just as much love and appreciation as mothers get!

Without all their sacrifices and hard-work, parenting will be a lot harder! I know nothing beats our jobs as mothers or caretakers, but dads have a unique role in our lives, and even though they act like another child (hahaha) some days, they do deserve a lot of credit for a lot of things too! So this year, especially to the first-time dads, let’s make their Father’s day celebration extra special with these 6 gift ideas! #Gifts4DadBabbleBoxx

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Where To Get Affordable and Sustainable Bedding

Who knew that getting into this #cleanliving lifestyle will make me even more conscious about every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, to the bed we sleep in!

Trying to live a more conscious and “clean” lifestyle has definitely been quite a challenge for me both physically and financially, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to face because I want what’s best for my family! I hope you do too, and lucky for us, this brand that I’m about to talk to you about values sustainability and affordability when it comes to bedding, so we don’t also have to worry about how to get the best (and safest) sleep of our lives.

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Best Place To Buy Baby Toys and Baby Gear

To my fellow parents, I’m sure you’ve asked this question more than once already: “WHAT NOW?!”

I sure am guilty of this. Every month, my daughter Adeline changes on me. She learns so fast and outgrows her stuff way too quickly and my husband and I always find ourselves asking a lot of questions! What do we buy next? When should we buy this? Will she enjoy this at this age? What types of toys will help her development? What baby gear should we be saving up for? You catch my drift!

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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Super Moms

How many ways can we show appreciation to the moms in our lives?

The answer is: countless! With the internet right under our fingertips, we can easily find thousands of ways on how we can make Mother’s Day extra special to the super moms of our lives. Mother’s Day is just around the corner so today, I’m here to share with you a few things that I know you (if you’re a mama as well) or your mom will love!

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