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Takhini Hot Pools

Let's go back to the Yukon on this post shall we?

I lived in the Yukon for 3 years and 7 months but it's only in my third year of living there that I was able to visit the infamous Takhini Hot Springs. It's approximately a 30-45 minute drive from the city center, which is Whitehorse, and it's a great place to go relax and unwind. 

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Almost Annie Lake

Why ALMOST Annie Lake? Well let me tell you the story. Jorge's departure to the US was getting closer and we wanted to go see new places before he had to leave. Jorge of course did a little bit of looking around Google Maps and he found Annie Lake, which was just more or less an hour away from Whitehorse. It was the perfect place to go to: it wasn't very far, and we've never been there before.

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Explore with Corinth: #chasingfog

One morning, Jorge and I decided to ditch sleep because we were craving for some good ol' Mc Donald's breakfast. We are almost never awake for their breakfast so that morning we gave in to what our tummies wanted. At 5:45 AM, we stepped out of the house and we saw that it was FOGGY everywhere! 

"Should I take the DSLR?" Jorge asked me to which I answered, "YASS!!" So he quickly ran back in the house to grab the DSLR and what was supposed to be JUST a breakfast date became a fog-chasing adventure! It was one of our best adventure dates yet.

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Explore with Corinth: Haines Junction and Kathleen Lake [VIDEO]

On Jorge and I's 11th month of being married together, we decided to celebrate by driving to Haines spontaneously to see Kathleen Lake and to have some ice cream! The drive usually takes up to two hours but Jorge managed to get us there in just 1.5 hours. The drive was gorgeous, the ice cream was delicious and finally, Kathleen Lake looked so amazing! Jorge and I plan to go back already!!

I hope you enjoy watching our short Yukon adventure. I hope to have more of these spontaneous trips while it's still summer! <3

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Our Haeckel Hill Adventure

On Saturday, Jorge and I started our day late, as usual. It was my day off so we slept in, like we usually do. We bonded with my sister and Heather over breakfast, then I wrote blog posts that I actually finished writing! WOOHOO! Jorge helped me with my blog photos and everything went according to plan. I was able to accomplish my to-do list and at 5PM, Jorge and I were left with nothing to do! Okay, maybe we could have done laundry because I can see our laundry basket overflowing with dirty laundry right now. But yeah, we felt so bored that day! WHAT TO DO?!

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On the road: Yukon and British Columbia

Jorge and I have been anticipating for this road trip since last week and we're really glad we were able to go yesterday, as planned! We decided to go drive past Carcross this time, all the way to British Columbia, because I told Jorge how pretty the views were along that road.  I've been on these roads twice before this trip. First, in the summer of 2013, then in the fall of the same year (when I had to exit Canada for my Permanent Residence card). I've never experienced driving along those roads in the winter so I thought it would be nice to show Jorge how it looks right before all the white goodness melts off. After our day trip, Jorge was convinced to drive back again, but in the summer this time, when all the colors would just be a beautiful and vibrant sight to see!

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Carcross Vlog [VIDEO]

A week ago from today, Jorge and I drove the family van to Carcross for a short winter exploration date! Jorge and I have been craving to go out so when the opportunity came up, we grabbed it!

It was a short exploration day for us since the sun rises late and sets really early here in the north but we made sure we made the best out of our sunlight! We were blessed with good weather conditions that day! It wasn't ridiculously cold, and the wind was surprisingly absent that day. The sun peeked through the clouds, pouring its golden glory on God's majestic mountains. God made sure we had the drive of our life! <3

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