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How To Use Custom Presets in the Lightroom CC Mobile App


Everyone is coming out with their own presets and if you’re not new here, you’d know that I’m one of those people haha. If you are an Instagram addict like me, you probably have a few custom presets of your own, or presets you have bought from your favorite influencers. But aren’t you sick and tired of doing the copy+paste method?! I feel you boo! Haha.

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My Top 5 iPhone Gadgets For Vlogging - GIVEAWAY

Phones have really come a long way when it comes to photography and videography, and oftentimes we forget and neglect the power we have right in our hands! I'm guilty of this because I always complain about NOT having a vlogging camera, then there's my husband saying, USE YOUR IPHONE! He's right! My iPhone is more than capable of shooting great videos, it's extremely light and convenient to use, and it is actually what I have been using in my past few vlogs! 

Today, I will be sharing with you some gadgets that make my iPhone vlogging more convenient and enjoyable! Stay tune to the end for an awesome giveaway!

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Monserrate | Bogotá, Colombia

I seriously didn't know how to write about my Colombia trip so I'm letting you guys know now that the Colombia posts won't be in chronological order ⏤ I wrote the blog posts by place (city). Hopefully you won't get too confused as these posts roll out. Now that you've read my short disclaimer, let's proceed...

On our last full day in Bogotá, Colombia, the family decided to visit the famous Monserrate. If you've watched Narcos, you've probably seen this mountain from their opening billboard.
Monserrate is a mountain that can be found in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. This place is definitely a must-see when in Bogotá for its amazing gardens, breathtaking views and the beautiful church. This place also holds so much history, and hey, how often do you find a church on top of a mountain? It was very overcast and foggy that day, but it still didn't stop us from getting nice pictures. 

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San Andrés, Colombia | Part 1

When Jorge told me we will be visiting and staying in San Andrés for 5 days, I got so freaking excited! I don't remember the last time I visited a tropical island and the whole time I was living in Canada, all I wished for was a trip to the beach with legit hot weather! That wish was granted a few months ago when we visited Colombia in February. 

I'm going to be splitting my San Andrés posts into two parts because I have so many photos to share with you guys and I don't want to upload everything into one page to avoid any lagging that may occur. 

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From Where I Stood | COLOMBIA

If you guys didn't know already, the reason behind my sudden absence here on the blog was because Jorge and I and his family went to Colombia for 12 days! It was a nice vacation and I really enjoyed my time there! Full blog posts and a couple of vlogs will be coming your way soon, but for now, here's a little sneak peek of what happened during our Colombia trip!

Inspired by my past #fromwhereistood post. 

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Almost Annie Lake

Why ALMOST Annie Lake? Well let me tell you the story. Jorge's departure to the US was getting closer and we wanted to go see new places before he had to leave. Jorge of course did a little bit of looking around Google Maps and he found Annie Lake, which was just more or less an hour away from Whitehorse. It was the perfect place to go to: it wasn't very far, and we've never been there before.

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Explore with Corinth: #chasingfog

One morning, Jorge and I decided to ditch sleep because we were craving for some good ol' Mc Donald's breakfast. We are almost never awake for their breakfast so that morning we gave in to what our tummies wanted. At 5:45 AM, we stepped out of the house and we saw that it was FOGGY everywhere! 

"Should I take the DSLR?" Jorge asked me to which I answered, "YASS!!" So he quickly ran back in the house to grab the DSLR and what was supposed to be JUST a breakfast date became a fog-chasing adventure! It was one of our best adventure dates yet.

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