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#TBT: At The Cross

If there’s one Christian song that never fails to tear me up, it’s this song.


I know I haven’t been a good “christian” these past few months. I’ve been doing things that don’t glorify anyone, or God for that matter. When I think about them, I can’t help but flinch from my own wrongdoings. Though we don’t know it, we hurt God when we don’t follow Him. And that’s what I’ve been doing in the past months. I’ve been hurting my Father.

I’ve been and still am deep under the layers of impurity in this world we live in. Yes. I don’t always do the right things. I’m blinded by my own will. I do things without thinking of the consequences it will bear in the future. I sin, everyday. I am confused with myself. Confused about the world, confused for my life. And this, all this makes me feel unworthy of anyone’s mercy, unworthy of God’s love and forgiveness.

Every time I feel like I am not worthy of anything, not worthy of love, not worthy of compassion, not worthy of mercy, not worthy of God’s forgiveness, this song pulls me back to the reality I always seem to forget, the reality I’ve been turning my back to.

Whenever you feel that you’re not worthy of calling yourself God’s child ever again, remember the cross. No matter how bad the things that you’ve done are, no matter how filthy you feel about yourself, no matter how much you feel that you do not deserve God’s love, remember this: 


 And He proved that when Jesus died for you at the cross. His love is unquestionable. His love is undeniable. His love is forever. His love prevailed, is prevailing and always will prevail. There’s no greater love than this.

Now I know what I have to do. It has to start with Him. I have to go back to Him. I need to bring Him back into my life. It’s gonna be a big and hard adjustment, but I know it will be for the best. It will be for the GOOD. I need to spark up my life. I need to be on fire for Him again. I know that He’s the only one who could save me.

Oh Lord you’ve searched me; You know my ways.
Even when I fail you, I know You love me.
I know YOU love me….

in case you didn't know already, throwback thursdays is where I post stuff I've already published on my Tumblr account before, that I think are still worth sharing now. :) Happy Easter!