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#TBT: Mama

In honor of the upcoming Mother's Day recognition this Sunday, I thought I'd repost this entry I wrote years ago for Mother's Day from my Tumblr blog.

Here's a little something you should know about the woman who brought me to this world. 


Argentina Jean D. Gonzalo

Indeed, she was a very beautiful mother.

Hello, meet my mom. I called her mama. She brought me into this world. I am her first child. She gave me this very long name (Corinth Benaiah Bernice) and I don't regret having it. It made me unique. It made me hers.:)

My mom had me when she was 22 years old. My papa married her when she was 21, my father 22. They were married in a church and boy, from the looks of the old photos, I think their marriage was a grand one. And yes, they had me the year after.

My mother studied in UST. Elementary, High School, College. She didn't finish college though because she pursued her dancing career in her second year of college. She was the very first high school student SALINGGAWI member. She danced really well that they thought having her even when she was in high school was so worthy (makes me feel so proud of her). My mom really loved dancing. It was her passion, her heart, and well, eventually she married a dancer too.

Her life wasn't easy after starting our family. There were so many bills to pay, school fees, daily necessities. We were on the rocks. Then suddenly, my papa died. Raising four children wasn't a joke. Mama struggled in finding a better job because dancing couldn't keep up with the mounting bills. So she went places, just to find that better-paying job. Eventually, she did find it in Dubai. She became a fitness instructor and she was happy. Our life was starting to get better then tragedy strikes again. She was diagnosed of liver and bone cancer last year (Feb. 2010). She stopped working. She was lucky to find free treatment in Tawam hospital. That took care of her meds, her chemo, everything.:D

Thanks to Greg too. He let mama stay in his condo. He made mama's life so much easier. I even went there to take care of mama last summer (april-may). I met him and I actually wanted him to be my new dad because he was a really good man and I know that he loved mama.:)

Greg, me and mama, having breakfast on his balcony. 

Greg, me and mama, having breakfast on his balcony. 

But things got worse. Mama flew back to the Philippines because the doctor told her she only had three months left to live. (August) But still, we kept trying. We can't just accept that fact. So we fought the cancer, with mama's ever-supportive friends behind her.:D

We are just so grateful for mama's friends.:) They really loved mama. They visited almost everyday, just to know how mama was doing.:D

And of course, mama's family was always there for her.

Mama, don't worry, your sisters, brothers, are here to take care of us.:D

And speaking of MAY, it's your birthday month. Last 2009, you spent it with your friends.:) You flew from Dubai to celebrate the summer with us.:D Last 2010, you were sick already and I flew there.:) We celebrated your birthday and mine.:) Your friends were so lovely and sweet. We had fun!

Mama, you're the strongest woman I know. I don't know if I would ever do the things you have done for our survival. You never failed us. During your last days in the hospital, you kept apologizing to us, your daughters. You felt like you failed us, never gave us the things we needed but the truth is mama, we're just so grateful to have you as our mother. You're the best. No words could describe how strong, and how lovely you are as a person, as a daughter, as a sister, as a mother, as a friend. You could never have failed anyone because you're the most beautiful person I know, both inside and out. 

Even when you were sick, you showed me no tears. You still kept that smile painted on your face. You even look beautiful with your hair shaved, because of the chemo therapies.

Mama, we love you. We think about you every day. We miss you every day. It's been 7 months since the day you met with the Lord (October 2010), but still we wish you were here with us. We still wish we could hear your voice, hold your hand, hug you tight and say that we love you because we do. We love you every day and we miss you too much that it's killing us. But we know that we shouldn't give up the fight you and papa started. You taught us how to live our lives well, we'll make you and papa proud. We love you mama.:)

You will always be in our hearts mama.

Belated Happy Mother's Day mama. Nag-post naman ako sa wall mo sa Facebook. Hehe. Sana binigyan ka ng rosas ni papa.:) Love you! Miss ka na namin!

I wrote this on my Tumblr blog three years ago. 

Happy mother's day to all the moms out there. Hug your mom for me will you please? <3