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Thanksgiving 2014

Things I'm thankful for this past year

I remember turning one of my notebooks into a "thank you" notebook where I jotted down the things I was thankful for every single day. I had that going quite successfully for a few weeks or months but eventually, I found a way to screw up my nightly writing routine. Boo Corinth.

It was actually nice to have had that. It's like a diary of some sort but I didn't write any "Dear Diary" or "Love, Corinth" in it. I simply wrote the date, and listed down the things I was thankful for in bullets. My entries were sometimes accompanied with a polaroid picture. I think that little touch was cute. 

Anyway, to make up for all those lost days I haven't written a Thank You for, and because it's Thanksgiving here in Canada, I might as well acknowledge my blessings this past year and I'm warning you, this will be quite a list.

  • My sister Hannah and her family are finally reunited with me and my other sisters. Watch the short video here! It was a long time coming.
  • Jorge and I celebrated our first Christmas together. He flew to Whitehorse for the second time and during his two-week stay here, we learned a lot about each other. <3
  • Received my first real and legit camera from my prince charming; a Canon EOS 7D! One of my best Christmas gifts ever!
  • I created a new blog where I can start fresh. I'm thankful for that because I needed that clean slate at the time. 
  • The Bridal Guide featured my love story which was also featured on the Huffington Post. Link here! Thanks to Jeffrey for passing our story on to the Bridal Guide editors.
  • Jorge and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend which led me into posting this. Which then led...
  • Instagram to have had me included in their suggested users list! Yipee! And now, I have 23K followers!
  • My sister's 18th birthday was a success! Watch this trailer video I made for her entrance.
  • I experienced one of the most memorable Easters of my life. :)
  • My sisters and I were given the opportunity to rent out our own apartment. It was one of the best feelings ever! Photos of our neighborhood in this blog post.
  • I was itching to have a break from life. So I booked a ticket for Toronto where I met up with Jorge and his family. It was one of the best gifts I gave to myself. 
  • I also gave myself a Sigma lens as an advance birthday gift! I love it to bits! I'll love it even more if it wasn't too heavy.
  • What happened in Toronto was just absolutely amazing! I got engaged there!!! Read the stories though this TRAVEL tag. The love and support from our followers was overwhelming. It was beautiful. Jorge and I very humbled, until now. 
  • Things started looking up at work and I finally started working FULL TIME hours! 
  • Two months later, after the proposal, Jorge flew to Whitehorse to be with me for good. 
  • I got my braces taken off!!! FINALLY! Wee!
  • July 24, 2014 is my most favorite day ever! It's the day Jorge and I got married. Read the wedding story here!
  • A month later, Jorge and I were given the opportunity to shoot a wedding. It was such a tiring, but AMAZING experience! If only I can do photography for a living, I would quit my barista job already! Check out our work!
  • Last night, (October 12, 2014), Jorge and I were able to finish fixing up our "work" website! It feels really nice to accomplish something.
  • I'm soooo thankful for breakfast! Anything breakfast!! Coffee, eggs, waffles, Ricky's breakfast, Mcdonald's breakfast yumyumyum! BREAKFAST!
  • I'm thankful for the blogs that I follow. They keep me inspired. To my favorite bloggers, you rock! / / / / / / / and a lot more!! I actually have them in my phone's home screen. *insert monkey emoji here*
  • I like autumn. I thank God for creating such a beautiful transition season. I love how red and green and yellow and orange Whitehorse is in the fall. And not to mention, all those pumpkin pies, and most especially the pumpkin CHEESECAKE pies! NOMNOMNOM!
  • And today, on Thanksgiving day, we celebrated my niece Heather's 3rd birthday! It was a success! 
  • I'm thankful and grateful for my family. Through thick and thin, we always got each other's back.
  • We had family come over from the Philippines this year. It was nice to introduce our new home to them. That meant visiting nice places around the Yukon! I love me some road trips! 
  • Thankful for sister dates.
  • Jorge loves soccer so much! So when he had the opportunity to join a league here in Whitehorse, he went for it! I'm glad he did. I am able to support him on what he loves doing!! I have no idea about anything ~*soccer*~ so it's a nice experience to learn from him, and to be able watch his games. He's good actually, very good! 
  • I enjoyed exploring around Whitehorse, even if I usually went out by myself. 
  • My sister Sarah graduated from high school!!
  • I'm very thankful for VSCO! I love their products with all my heart! I have so much love for VSCO.
  • Thankful for my job. It's a tough one, but it pays well though. I need to be reminded of that often. 
  • For the laughter and joy throughout the year, the little things that pushed me to keep moving on. :)
  • My perfect Jorge, my greatest blessing. My better half, thank you for your love. You make me my better self. You make life better and easier. I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for sacrificing your American life to live here in Canada with me. Thank you for choosing to love me for as long as you shall live. I love you so much mi amor. <3

Thanksgiving is now over but the year still has a few months left until we count down for 2015. Until then, let's keep making more beautiful memories. Let's keep our "imaginary" thank you notebooks filled up with wonderful stories. Let's keep living our lives with grateful hearts. 

Happy Thanksgiving!