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The Barista | v.01

No, this is not a movie you missed seeing in 2014. I'm also not sure what kind of blog entry I'm going for with this because I feel like the title is putting so much pressure on me, so without further blabbing, I'll just start talking to you about what I do for a living because well, I am..





  1. a person whose job involves preparing and serving different types of coffee.


On April 1st of 2012, I arrived in Canada and I started working as a barista on the 16th of that same month and year. I still work at the same coffee shop to this day, so if we do the math, I've been making coffee for almost 3 years! That's a LOT of coffee! That maybe explains why I have a little lump on my left wrist (huhu).

At first, I thought, being a barista was easy! I've seen them Starbucks people looking so cool with their coffee gear and I thought being a barista was as easy as ABC. Before moving here, I worked for a few months for Fior Cafe´ and that job was like sitting at home all day! It literally felt like playing (COFFEE) house! HAHA. But then when I worked at The Claim, where I'm currently working at, they proved to me that there's more than meets the eye when it comes to coffee-making. 


  1. Make coffee (on a Two-dollar Tuesday, you're probably gonna make at least 200 cups of coffee, don't worry, you'll make it out alive)
  2. Greet and attend to customers (make sure you smile so they give you tips! $$$)
  3. Scoop out soup (people love our soup so be sure to taste them all first because you'll get customers who ask if there are onions or mushroom in the soups)
  4. Get sandwich/panini from cooler (sometimes you have to grill them too)
  5. Get dessert/treat from cooler (take note, this is not for you!)
  6. Get cake from cooler, box that cake (again, this is not for you!)
  7. Get chocolate truffles from cooler (don't even think about it girl!)
  8. Wait on tables
  9. Wait on customers who really take their time ordering (chopchop! we haven't got all day!!)
  10. Make sure you know where the gluten free items are (we get so many (feeling) customers allergic to gluten)
  11. Refill stocks (this means carrying a crate of milk, soda, bottles, cream, cookies and pastries)
  12. Sweep and mop floors (but only when you're closing!)
  13. Wipe and dust (this, only when you have time, also when a customer starts asking you for a rag)
  14. Roll some cutlery (and then customers will complain to you how hard it is to get their forks out -_-)
  15. Make sure the shop is cute and clean (just clean really)
  16. Answer phone calls, get cake orders, get catering orders, listen to people look for the boss (my favorite phone call is when they ask me what time we're open 'til)
  17. Yell out orders
  18. Manage the cashier
  19. Make sure to roll up coins (be considerate to your closer, she will most likely do everything in the evening, make her life easier)
  20. Be a superwoman (because no normal human can handle this kind of workload)

So I seriously thank God for slow days! Our Tuesdays are normally crazy-busy because we offer two-dollar espresso drinks and everyone just lines up for our oh-so-yummy handcrafted coffee but for some reason, it was kind of a slow day yesterday. So last night, I finished early with my closing chores and I had time to make coffee, and Jorge took photos for this blog post. I am actually considering of turning this into a series called, The Barista Diaries where I'll be sharing random stories of what happens in my day. Let me know if this is something you'd want to read about in the future.

We'll see. But today, I'll end this post with a mini photo-tutorial on how I make my favorite drink, a mocha.

  1. Grab cup.
  2. Get your espresso ready, make sure to tamp really hard to get the grinds really tight and compact.
  3. Pour milk into your steaming jug.
  4. Add one and a half pumps of chocolate syrup.
  5. Add some cocoa.
  6. Pull your espresso shot into the cup.
  7. Steam your chocolate milk while your espresso shot is going.
  8. Pour steamed chocolate milk in the cup.
  9. Add some chocolate sprinkles and/or whipped cream as topping.
  10. Serve!

Remember that you can always customize your drink! Go crazy and try out different blends and flavors! I discovered the Raspberry Mocha and my gosh, that's so perfect for summer, especially when it's iced!

Are you a coffee drinker? If yes, tell me what drink you usually order from coffee places! I'm a sweet tooth and my all-time favorite would be a Snickers Mocha (Just add half shots of hazelnut and caramel in the mocha!) Try it!

xx Corinth

All photos were taken by Jorge Suarez.

Thanks love! :*