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The Estée Edit | Haul & First Impression

When I received the e-mail about The Estée Edit wanting to send some products my way, I was surprised at first, then pleased! 1. Who the heck is The Estée Edit? and 2. What do they offer?
So when I finished reading the e-mail thoroughly, this is what I learned: The Estée Edit is by Estée Lauder!

Now you see why I was pleased. When I saw the name Estée Lauder, I felt so excited! Really? They want to send me stuff to try out before the official launch? HECK YES! I'm on board!
And now, here I am, introducing you to a few of the products they sent me. They're very new in the makeup world, targeting 18-34 year olds and they're very inspired by Kendall and Kim. Are they worth checking out? (YASSS! I want to look like Kendall. 😂)

The Estée Edit has a wide selection of products ranging from skincare to makeup, and bath, but mostly makeup (yay!) and is exclusively available in Sephora. Their products are inspired by their guest editor, a.k.a., Kendall Jenner, so you know this isn't your mom's Estée Lauder! 😉

When you shop on the Sephora website, you will notice that the products are categorized into 5 sections: Guest Editor Glow Favorites, Guest Editor Skin Glow Favorites, Instantly Gorgeous Skin, theBAREST, and theEDGIEST. Most of the products I got are from theEDGIEST line, so without further ado, let's get into the products!


"portable, perfect skin, no muss, no fuss, glides on for a fresh, pore-perfect look – instantly. Can be worn alone, under, or over makeup, and used for touch-ups throughout the day."
$28 | SIZE 0.24 oz

First Impression: This product falls under Kendall's Picks
It does blur out the pores, but it doesn't fill the pores in. It almost looks like it's putting a thin film of smoothness over the skin which is actually very nice. I really like the packaging and how perfect it is to just stick inside your purse for quick touch-ups. However, I wouldn't drag this across the face, especially after you've put your makeup on. The makeup will kind of stick to the vanishing stick. I suggest that you just rub your fingers on the product then pat it on areas that need a little touch-up. It has no scent and you get a decent amount of product. 

"Metalishadow Creme + Powder is the ULTIMATE CREME SHADOW with METAL MIX POWER for KNOCK OUT EYES. Intense depth and the flashiest foiled l finish. Wear loose metal powder over highly pigmented cream shadow or alone on face and eyes." 
$25 | SIZE 0.07 oz
Comes in three shades: Black Star, Aquanova, Scarlet Eclipse

First Impression:
Out of all the products I received, this was the one I was excited for the most. I've been really wanting to get my hands on some glitter eyeshadow especially after seeing the Dose of Colors pigments, and these are so similar to those ones! They have the same concept: creme (base) + loose pigment (magic)! I really love the packaging on this one as well! So magical, so lovely!

Top swatch: Loose pigment only Bottom swatch: creme + loose pigment

Top swatch: Loose pigment only
Bottom swatch: creme + loose pigment

And let me tell you that I was so impressed by this! I got the Aquanova shade which is a beautiful teal color (will really compliment my brown eyes), and it looked so beautiful swatched on my hand! I haven't tried it out on my eyes yet but I'm sure it will look amazing. The creme is indeed very pigmented, and the loose pigment are very fine; not chunky at all. The only downside here is the shade selection. I wish they made more colors, because glitter is so much fun!✨


"24-hour wear, shadow and liner in one. Won’t budge, transfer, or fade and it can be worn on the water line* The EDGIest Kohl Shadowstick does it all!
$22 | SIZE 0.049 oz
Available in 10 Shades: Black Viper, Frost Bite, Guilt, Twisted, Jaded (what I got), Royal Scandal, Iced, Grounded, Spiced, Violet Taboo (cannot be worn on waterline)

First Impression:
What's funny is that, I just assumed that this was an eyeliner, by the way it looked. HAHA. I mean, you can use it as eyeliner, but it's actually an eyeshadow stick! Now, I'm even more excited to use it! I used this as an eyeliner a few days ago and I love how creamy it is!

It glided so smoothly on my eyes, without any tugging, and it blended out nicely. I got the shade Jaded which is described as Pearlized Olive Gold, and again, it will compliment my eyes! I think the best thing about this eyeshadow stick is its longevity! Once this sets, this won't go anywhere! No water will make this thing fade off your eyes! I even used this on my waterline and it didn't move. It's amazing! Oh, also, this has a built-in sharpener! Just pull out the bottom and voila! 

"TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE. BRISTLE BRUSH for VOLUME. MOLDED BRUSH for LIFT… biggest LASH LOOK ever. Finally! No more juggling two mascaras to get an edgy, over-the-top lash look. PROVEN: 109% INCREASE IN LIFT AND CURL; 115% INCREASE IN VOLUME. NO FLAKES, No smudges, no clumps. 15 hour wear."
$24 | SIZE 0.34 oz

The bristle brush for VOLUME

The bristle brush for VOLUME

The molded brush for LIFT

The molded brush for LIFT

First Impression:
When I tried this out, I wasn't sure which side to use first so I experimented a little bit to see which method gave the better results.

Volume → Lift → Volume

Lift → Volume → Lift

I did say on Snapchat when I was trying this out that I didn't like how clumpy my lashes looked. It did however give me that nice lift and volume. But I do not like this mascara at all. This has a strong scent that never goes away, even after the mascara has completely dried up. I'm not that sensitive to scents when it comes to makeup but this one, I just can't stand. I will pass this along to my sisters because I know I will never use this again. 

The last thing I got was this cute little flash drive. I love that they didn't include any printed information because we all know, those just get thrown away. Instead, they put all the information I needed to know in this cute little thing! I appreciate that little gesture a lot! Save the trees yo! And, I now have a flash drive! ✨ 

So those were all the things I received in my little The Estée Edit package. Definitely check out Sephora so you can see their entire collection; they even have a few skincare items! I highly recommend the eyeshadow sticks because they are very pigmented and they're perfect for ladies on-the-go! I think that you should pass up on the mascara, but for that quick fresh look, get your hands on their pore vanishing stick! 😉

Thank you The Estée Edit for sending makeup my way! 💙  So excited to play with the products more! (except for the mascara 😭 sowee)

disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.