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The Evolution of my Bullet Journal

I started my first ever bullet journal in September last year, and it's one of the best things I did for myself even to this day. Although I moved to an Erin Condren planner a month ago, I still incorporate the bullet journal system into it. Through the months of me using my LT1917 journal, I've tried out a bunch of layouts; some worked for me, some didn't. And so, for today's post, I will be showing you the evolution of my bullet journal, and show you some my favorite spreads.



I took inspiration from a lot of bullet journalists on Instagram and YouTube, and at the time that I started mine, I went for elaborate dailies and weeklies, because one, I didn't really know what worked for me yet so I didn't know better, and two, it's what everybody was doing!

At first it was super exciting to me! Creating a new daily spread every night was something I looked forward to. I had a sleep and water tracker on each day, as well as a Bible verse of the day to help keep me on my Bible reading groove. I also had a gratitude section for each day, which at first was great, but I realized in the later months that there was a much easier way to do it!


Later on, I realized that I didn't really need two pages for my weeklies, and I wanted to try out adding a monthly spread and habit trackers to see if it would fit and help my lifestyle. So you will see below how I switched things up. I also added a monthly memories and favorites page. I think it's really important to write down important dates of that month, and since I do a monthly favorites post here on the blog, having that monthly faves page helped me keep track of the things I have been loving in that month because I usually forget things when I do write my posts at the end of each month. To make the page even more fun, I sometimes draw the items out. :) I still kept doing my dailies, but they aren't as elaborate anymore. 

At this point of 2016, my spreads still didn't have a good order to them in accordance to what I liked. They felt a little messy and random for me, so I knew that in 2017, I had to make sure I created my spreads the way they will work best for me.


So, come 2017, I already kind of knew the types of spreads that worked for me, it was just a matter of knowing their order in each month. You will see below that it's a little more fluid and clean compared to the previous spreads. I still was doing daily spreads, but it's gotten a lot simpler for sure.

I extended my gratitude page to two pages because I found myself finding more and more things to be thankful for each day. I also started adding a work plan in my month. At first, I found it completely useless, but as the months went by, and as I revised it, it has become a bujo spread essential, and I did notice that it has helped me with my blog. This is what I love about the bullet journal system. When things don't work out, you can always change it up! 


As the months went by, I started to be creative with my spreads by incorporating watercolor in them. It was really fun, and I found it to be super relaxing, almost therapeutic.

In April, I discovered Amanda Rach Doodles on Instagram, and she has instantly become my ultimate bullet journal inspiration. I found that her spreads fit perfect for my needs so I started incorporating her layouts in mine almost right away. If you follow my Plan With Me posts, you would already know how I set up my month each time. Below are a few photos on how they look like filled out. 


Of course, I also did some random creative pages. I also had some income trackers, "things that I love" pages, "where I traveled to" pages, and more. I just don't have a picture to show you since they're not that nice. HAHA. 

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking through this post. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below! I would be more than willing to shed some light on things that you want to know.

I've been using my Erin Condren planner for a little over a month now, and though it is working for me, I cannot deny the fact that I miss my bullet journal. Hopefully I'm able to get my hands on a fresh LT journal, and the Plan With Me posts will be back in full swing.

Are you a bujo person or a planner person?