The Sunday Currently | 08

It's been awhile since I last wrote my "Sunday Currently".

This week's recap: Jorge and I went to Haines Junction, I posted a makeup tutorial, ran and actually liked it, ate and ate the best burritos in town and I have been waking up so early every workday! Crazy!


Why I Don't Give Straight Answers About Homosexuality (Because Everyone Starts Yelling)

"We can disagree and I will still love you. Won’t you love me too?"


a bunch of blog posts for future posting! I have a bunch drafted and I'm actually excited to finish writing them up. Do you ever feel like DRAFTS end up feeling like doing your HOMEWORK? It's not that case today. :)


about coming home from work TOMORROW. Haha. I always do that. I want my Monday to be over already. -_-


the air freshener we have now by our kitchen. We have a tiny house so the smell travels everywhere and let me tell you, the smell is AMAZING and it makes me happy!


for a nice and warm Canada Day like last year's. 


for more exposure opportunities on social media. HAHA. I need that extra moolah! C'mon brands on HashtagPaid! I'm here!!!


The last time I wrote my Sunday Currently, I was wearing my "Tarzan" shorts. Guess what? I'm wearing them today too! -_-


LANY OMG! Jorge and I have been singing and grooving to all their songs! <3 ILYSB!


more ColourPop items. #broke More specifically, their new line of MATTE LIPS which are ALREADY out of stock since they released it! HUHUHU. Now I have to wait for new stocks. :(


extra 12 hours in a day. On my days off, I always get up at 1:30 PM! I feel like I need more hours to do what I need to do, like watch TV shows and movies and Snapchat and stuff. 


really unhealthy! I really need to stop eating out with Jorge and start cooking food at home. I HATE COOKING though so I don't know what to do! :( It's hard to start a healthy diet in a Filipino household, especially when the wife, me, is very lazy to do work around the kitchen!

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