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The Sunday Currently | 10

Isn't it crazy that we're almost at the BER months?! 2015, please slow down!


blog posts and tweets and stuff online. Today, two people asked me whether the $1 iPhone 6 for Canadians is real. The circulating post was from Yeah, that is such a reliable source yo! (can you sense my sarcasm?) Filipinos are so gullible! -_-


this and this alone. I might start writing some of the past road trips Jorge and I had but I feel so laaaaazy!


to the rain outside our bedroom window and to my husband sleeping. I love him so much.


of topics to blog about. I have some blog titles drafted but I don't have the drive to start them right now. -_- #tamad


two-day scalp from my fingertips. I know that's kinda gross but that's what I'm smelling right now, forgive me for being honest.


I had the strength to stop buying makeup! I should do a shopping ban!


for my US papers to process as fast as possible! So far, so good, but I really hope that I'll be able to move to the States before winter arrives. 


a blue shirt and my black thermals because I already feel cold and it's just 16ºC!


Breaking Bad more than ever. Jorge and I are re-watching the entire show with my sister Micah and I love how I understand the scenes better now. That show is sooo good you guys. I can't stop talking about it here on my blog haha. 


for more days with my love here in Whitehorse. Jorge is flying back to Maryland on September 24th. :(


a manicure and pedicure so bad! I can do it myself, but I'm at the point where my nails just need professional care. HUHU. 


really excited because I just launched my first ever FREE FOR ALL on my Instagram. Please join and you might receive a care package from me in the mail! <3