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The Sunday Currently | 12

The Sunday currently

My last The Sunday Currently post was posted 4 months ago! YIKES!


I'm about to start reading An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I'm so excited to be back in the habit of reading!


nothing else besides this post. But I will probably start planning the entries I'll write for this coming week later on today. I'm just not doing it currently. Ha!


to the Indie Pop Chillout playlist on Spotify as usual. ▸ Dear Frederic by Shadows to be exact, but by the time I finish this blog post, it will be a different song. 😂


about what to DIY next. I have pinned a bunch of them on my Pinterest. Teeth whitening is really on top of my list because GOD KNOWS I NEED IT, and also, I've seen DIY bath bombs floating around the internet. If I can make my own bath bombs then that will save me money from buying Lush bombs. But if I end up sucking at it, at least I know there's a Lush store I can run to. HAHA.


the Sakura bath bomb I got two days ago. It's sitting perfectly beside my Instagram calendar, waiting for me to drop itself in the tub. One of these days...


I didn't get the bag of Lay's a few days ago, which is in front of me right now. There's a little bit left and it's asking me to eat it when I watch Making A Murderer later.  


to keep getting more people to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I've got a really great feedback on the most recent video I posted. ✨ I'm almost at 200 subs! Thank you!


all black today. My comfy black thermals, my Joe Fresh striped T-shirt dress, and a black sweater over it, also from Joe Fresh. I'm also wearing my cutie patootie pair of Happy Socks.



the ring light my sisters got me for Christmas! I will post something about it tomorrow! ♥︎


a pot of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. I'm almost out of my favorite Rimmel Brow This Way and I've been wanting to upgrade for a while now. HAHA. Also, we'll be going to Colombia and we will be hitting the beach a lot. I will need something that will stick on to my brows for a long time! 


summer clothes! Like I said, we'll be going to the beach next month. Living in Canada for almost four years made me scared of the cold that all I have are clothes that keep me warm. 😂


the urge to dye my hair a playful color. But just the thought of having pink hair is already stressing me out. I can't even wash my head regularly, how am I going to maintain a pink mane? 


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