The Sunday Currently | Vol.04



nothing yet, but I'm planning to finally read up on the driving manual so I can get my learners license so I can start driving already! It's about time!


up this blog post and will start writing up some posts for some of my blog series. I have to write up something for Makeup Monday! 


to Bethel Music. Really love their You Make Me Brave album. Come and listen with me. My favorites would be It is Well, Wonder and Forever.


whether I snap too much in one day. You can find me, Jorge and my niece on today's snapchat story. Heather is the biggest reason why I want to have my own baby already! <3


brownies that my sister just baked. She messed them up though, but that's okay. It's not us who are going to eat them. She's taking it to a dinner party. HAHA.


I had more money. When is money never included in a wish list?! huhu. Also, I wish we had more long weekends.


for a couple more photography gigs. Jorge and I really need some extra money right now.


Jorge's soccer shorts, pink socks, an A&F grey shirt, a beige hoodie


the warm and sunny weather we've been having. Jorge and I spent some time outside of the house sitting in camp chairs. HAHA. I tried to blog outside but the sun was too harsh, I couldn't see anything on my screen. Jorge played with his soccer ball for a bit.


to watch some new shows. The Walking Dead's season 5 is over! Game of Thrones is coming out in a week but I need to watch something else. Any feel good shows you can recommend?


a wallet with unlimited cash. I want to eat Ricky's everyday!

Jorge: "haha. that will make you fat if you did that!"


fatter and fatter everyday. Thanks Marble Slab. 

follow my snaps! (at)corinthsuarez

follow my snaps! (at)corinthsuarez