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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 05



nothing.... I've been such a bum in the reading world and I am a little ashamed of that. :(


this post and then I'll probably start writing up some travel related blog posts soon. I have this one post drafted for more than a month now and I feel like it's time for me to sit on my thinking chair so I could publish that already.


to the playstation's humming, to my keyboard as I type, to my niece's ruckus upstairs, and to my husband's breathing.


about my Vancouver trip!!! I'm really excited for my short visit there. I'm sure it's gonna be fun.


my freshly painted nails. I'm so in love with this color!


for more collaborations both for this blog and my Instagram. I need the extra money.


for my income tax return to magically appear in my bank account already. With Jorge being unable to work yet, I've been supporting him here in Canada and for that, I will be receiving quite an amount of money. So happy for that. My debts will finally be paid off! HALLELUJAH!


my A&F shirt again, and the pants in the picture above.


my two-day weekend. I rarely get Saturdays and Sundays off so when I do have them, I take advantage of my rest days by staying in with the hubby, watching shows and eating and sleeping a lot. We're currently binge watching Breaking Bad and we're now on the last season. Take note that we just started watching this show last week, and it has 5 seasons. We're halfway through season 5 already and that says a lot about how much we love it. This show is cray cray and if you haven't seen it already, I suggest you get on it because it's one of the best shows I've watched, EVER!


to be more disciplined with my diet. I've been getting a lot of breakouts recently and I blame my Breaking Bad and Lays (salt&vinegar) combo. My chin area is a total pimpfest and it's not attractive. :(


to be more inspired so I can keep the blog posts coming. I've been really quiet here lately and yes, again, Breaking Bad is to be blamed for it, but I'll try really hard to get back on my blogging feet! SOON! <3


FAT and insecure about my arms more than ever. I wish my arm fat went straight to where I need them like for example, MY BUTT!

How was your Sunday? Happy Game of Thrones day! <3

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