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The Sunday Currently | 11


Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts. I really love her books! 


this and I'm planning to finish up some of my drafts. But I have a feeling I won't be able to do the latter. 


to the Indie Pop Chillout playlist on Spotify. When all else fails, I always go to this playlist.


whether I should wear makeup to work tomorrow or not. My skin has been experiencing some serious breakouts and I feel like makeup products will interfere in its healing process. Special shoutout to Jae for helping a poor girl out with how to detox the skin at home. 


my vanilla scented room, thanks to my WalMart candle. 💖


for the days to go by faster so I can fast forward to my US Visa interview date, but I still have some stuff to do before that, not to mention, I need to raise money for all the travel expenses waiting for me! 😭 My wallet #creys with me. Also, I wish for a wallet that never runs out of cash. 


that I won't feel too sad and depressed while Jorge is away. I remember feeling so miserable when I used to live at the first house I stayed at here in Whitehorse. I am kind of feeling the same way right now, but I'm fighting it. I'm trying to stay positive, after all, I only have a few days left here if my medical and interview go smoothly. But it's still so hard, so I'm hoping for strength, I guess. 


my winter sweater and a black pyjama pants that have star prints on them. I'd take a picture for you guys to see but my outfit looks hideous. 


my new ColourPop stuff. If you've seen my latest vlog, you would have seen some swatches and I am obsessed with them. The shades I chose are so fall appropriate and I wore it once to work and I've gotten compliments on my eye makeup! <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE ColourPop! i just hope that they start shipping worldwide so all of us can enjoy their products!


the iPhone 6s in Rose Gold. I wouldn't need a vlogging camera if I have that phone!


a break from life! Gosh! 


a little lonely, sad, bored, hungry, and ugly all at the same time! Is my period coming? See, I don't even know. I'm a mess!

IT'S SUNDAY, meaning I get tomorrow to start the week off fresh. I need good vibes!

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