The Sunday Currently | Vol. 06

I'm sorry because this is another SUNDAY CURRENTLY post. I always try to post a few stuff in between the same blog series, but today, I'm making an exception. Haha. I've been away for too long and writing posts like this is easy! I promise, I'll be writing and posting regular stuff again this coming week. For now, this is my Sunday currently...


descriptions of the products I'll be featuring for Makeup Monday tomorrow. BE EXCITED!


this blog post, my Makeup Monday post, and I'll start writing about my Vancouver trip! I had a blast and I have so much to tell you!


about ways on how to earn extra money. Life is tough when you're all grownup. -_-


the Raid insect killer spray we just bought from the Superstore today. I'm so happy it doesn't have that Baygon smell! We live in the future!! It actually smells really nice. <3 Good choice Jorge.


for more hours in a day. I feel like 24 hours isn't enough for me. I need more time, all the time!


for more collaboration opportunities. Hashtagpaid is kinda faking on me right now. :( #givememoney


this colorful striped Korean knit with hearts on it, and my ripped Tarzan sleeping shorts.


what's in my Sephora shopping bag! OMG! <3


to really move out of Whitehorse already. After seeing and staying in Vancouver for like 3 days, I really am convinced that I am a city girl. 


a change in lifestyle. I'm in my heaviest state and I'm not liking what I'm seeing in the mirror. I need to start now! 


really tired and exhausted from my trip. Also because today, Jorge and I rearranged the things in our bedroom, and we did the grocery shopping. Today was good. I feel like I have accomplished a lot. Then tomorrow, I'll be back to making coffee.

How was your week? I hope you had a great weekend. Cheers!