The Sunday Currently | Vol. 07

I finally finished editing the Vancouver VLOG! You should see a link flying around soon. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more updates from me! 


nothing. I really have to get back to reading but I feel so busy. Especially now that we bought a yoga mat for me and a 10lb. dumbbell, I'm gonna be busier "trying" to be fit. OH HELP ME GOD!


this blog post and the post for the VLOG and some posts about traveling. I need to post some "profound" blog posts soon but I don't know what about. You know, those ~*life*~ posts. My blog needs more of that.


about coming home from work TOMORROW. Haha. I always do that. I want my Monday to be over already. -_-


the air from outside and the food my sister cooked for dinner. I like that we can prop open the window now. FRESH AIR! <3


for the VLOG video to finish processing already. 


for summer photography jobs. One photography gig is equivalent to one month's work. I NEED TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER ALREADY.


My "tarzan" shorts. If you follow my snapchat, you might have seen said shorts. It's the one I was wearing when I had a fuzzy caterpillar around my neck. HAHA. And a white tee.


morning shifts, but I hate getting up early in the morning. #weirdo


That Starbucks S'more Frappuccino but I'm trying to be healthy and who am I kidding, I don't need the extra 500 calories. #IREALLYWANTITTHOUGH


online grocery shopping. Going to Superstore is tiring! Huhu.


really exhausted just thinking about the exercises I'll be doing. I just have to keep in mind that it's good for me, my health, and for my future. I NEED TO BE HEALTHY, NOT SEXY.