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The Sunday Currently | Vol. 02


posts from the bloggers I follow. I still have to continue reading the book I mentioned on my first the sunday currently post. I just feel like I have no time for it most of the time.


this blog post. I'm planning to write up some posts for future posting but as usual, I don't know where to start.


to our oven make that ticking sound, and Fifa 2015 as my husband is playing right now.


about the near future and how I have so many things to do to get there. I need money LORD!


the pork chops I just popped inside our oven. I rarely cook, but when I do, it has to be baked because I'm lazy like that. HAHA


for spring and summer to come sooner! It was a snow day today though so I don't know about that. :( But I still enjoyed looking at the fat snowflakes fall from the heavens. I took lots of phhhotos (@CORINTH) today so just check those out.


that my husband won't get bored of his life here. I just feel like there isn't much to do for him here because he only holds a tourist visa and he can't really work to help with expenses. And if only we had a lot of extra money, we'd travel around the Yukon and be on helicopter and plane rides because the landscapes here are too amazing NOT to be seen from above.


a Korean-ish sweater I got from eBay and my cute lacey shorts. It's warm inside the house. <3


the fact that I get to sleep beside the love of my life every night, even more! I love having him around. He makes my life so much sweeter!


that Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye palette! Huhu. They say it smells like chocolate! <3


more money but I said that already. I need to start eating healthy! I have this big belly I didn't realize growing and now I just want it gone! No rice diet started yesterday. Lezdothis!


really hungry! I just finished plating Jorge and I's dinner and I'm just waiting for his game to end so we can eat! Also really excited for my Marble Slab berry cheesecake ice cream for dessert, but of course, only in small portions tonight. <3