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Things I've Learned in 2018 and Notes To Self for 2019

Peace out 2018, hello 2019!

Here are the things I’ve learned last year, and the things I want to carry into the new year.

Things I've Learned in 2018


You are going to get really big if you don’t watch what you eat!
Being pregnant isn’t an excuse to feed yourself all the “good” crap. Eat better and smarter. Your body deserves that!


It’s okay to accept help once in a while. This doesn’t mean you’re weak.


Health really is wealth. Going to the ER was a pain in the butt.
But hey, you learned that you are totally fine; you were just really pregnant.
So again, take care of your body!


You have a few friends that really really love you and care for you.
Be sure to let them know that by being a friend to them too.


God has showed you once again that He is your great provider.
Learn to trust Him even more this year, even when it looks like
you literally have nothing.


You learned how to let things go because you discovered that you cannot control everything,
especially in a place you can’t call your own.


You need community. There is no life in isolation.
Make it a point to go out and meet with people more often this year.


Eating out is a scam! Make your own food and you can thank me later.


Your body is amazing. Though you don’t love it right now, remember that it carried life, and that it is very strong.
You will not get your old body back, but you can work towards a new one.
Remember, you are strong!


There are two types of ‘comparison’ and if you fall on the wrong kind, it’s very dangerous.
Remember, if you’re going to compare yourself to others,
may it be from a place of trying to better yourself,
rather than hating yourself and the other person because of their success.


It is okay to take a step back, and literally do nothing sometimes.
Don’t feel guilty for choosing to indulge yourself once in a while.


Patience is a rare commodity in motherhood.
Be sure to ask God to replenish your cup because impatience is toxic!


You burst when you’re full, so don’t hold your emotions in.
If you can’t vent to your husband, talk to a friend, or better yet,
release all your worries to God.


Your timidness will not take you to higher places.
Be confident in who you are and everyone’s going to recognize what you carry without you even trying.

Things I've Learned in 2018 and Notes To Self for 2019


You saying you’re poor will not make you rich. Kill that poor spirit that isn’t from the Lord.
Open yourself up to God’s outpouring of His blessings.


Life without the guidance of the Holy Spirit feels sooooo meh, so please, go back to Him.


You learned that less is more. Try to downsize even more, and don’t get caught up on what’s new.
You probably don’t need them anyway.


Putting your phone down gives you more time to do other things!
Get back into reading.


Bullet journaling was fun while it lasted, but now that you’re a mom, you simply don’t have the time.
But continue planning your days! It’s really helpful!


Being disorganized with your work creates so much confusion especially when it comes to waiting for clients’ payments!
Plan, record data, be more responsible!
If you can’t handle little projects, why would God give you bigger ones?


You thrive in your own environment.
Try to apply this concept in all areas of your life.


You are petty to the highest level and honestly, it’s not good or funny anymore.
Be mindful of your thoughts and don’t speak what shouldn’t be spoken.


You are a great mom so stop asking yourself whether you’re good with Adeline or not.
You are doing the best you can, and that’s enough.


Knowing your worth changed everything! Remember your worth at all times,
but most especially when discussing rates with potential clients.


Networking is key! Blogging and being a content creator is tough,
and if you remain in your tiny little bubble, that’s where you’re ever going to be!
Burst that bubble and expand your reach!


You barely exercised and you’re the heaviest you’ve ever been. You know it’s not cute.
This year, say goodbye to all the excuses! This is the year that you take back ownership of your body!
No more bad eating habits. No more lying in bed 24/7.
This is the year you will be happy with your weight and overall health.


You were full of frustrations financially in the past year. You hated it.
You hated that you couldn’t bless others because you didn’t even have enough for your own family.
So focus on your goal of financial stability. Maximize your skills and talents.
How can you double your income this year?


You were filled with so much love and wonder last year,
thanks to your daughter, your husband, your friends, and family.
Now, it’s time that you give it all back.
To yourself, to all the special people in your life, to strangers…