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This is The One Thing I Cannot Leave The House Without

I am not sure when this habit started exactly, but all I know is that I do not like eating finger foods when I know I don't have anything to clean my hands with. I'm on my phone almost all the time, so I usually refrain eating greasy or sticky foods if I can help it. I like to keep my phone and my hands clean.

But ever since getting pregnant, all I've been craving are dangerously juicy burgers, crispy fries, tacos from our favorite taco place, and sinfully good donuts; all of which require my hands to be used. I know these are all "bad" for me, but sometimes you just gotta give in to the pregnancy cravings! Fortunately, I've discovered wet wipes that keep me and my hands grease-free, and is the one thing that I keep in my bag at all times. #KleenexWetWipes


Jorge and I went went to our local Dutch Market today in hopes of trying out their infamous pretzels, and the hotdog pretzel thingies. I'm not sure what those are called, but it's like a hotdog sandwich. But, we didn't know that the pretzel place only accepted cash, and the ATM was out of service, so we ended up getting dessert instead, which I'm not mad about because I have a sweet tooth. We each got a donut, and the flavor that I picked was the Nutella Cream Donut which was so rich in flavor and texture.

Of course, I had to clean my hands before stuffing my face, so I grabbed my Kleenex Wet Wipes (that I got from Walgreens) and wiped my hands clean. The Kleenex Wet Wipes are free from harsh chemicals and are gentle to be used on both the hands and face. I love how these wipes dry almost instantly and they don't leave a sticky or slimy residue. It actually left my hands so soft which is something I have not experienced with other wet wipes in the market. The donut left my mouth sticky with Nutella, so I used the wipes to clean my mouth as well. Guess what, the wipes didn't taste like anything! These are by far the best wet wipes I've ever used!

Jorge and I also brought home some mini cheesecakes, and because I have a sugar addiction, I ate three right away. Taking them out of the container was a messy situation, but because I got my Kleenex Wet Wipes with me, it was no biggie.

Like I said earlier, these wipes are the best wet wipes I've ever used, and these will never leave bag. I can leave my wallet, lip balm, and anything else, believe it or not, but not these wipes! And being a pregnant beauty blogger as well, I am excited to use this for taking off my lipstick because of how tasteless and safe it is for me. I love these wet wipes, and I cannot recommend it enough.

Visit your local Walgreens and get $1 rebate with your purchase of two Kleenex Wet Wipes.

You can find these wipes in the "home supplies" section of the store where the paper towels, napkins, tissues, & etc. are at.

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