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3 Easy Instax Mini Photo Displays | D.I.Y.

If you own an instant camera, this has probably been a problem for you too: excessive amount of polaroid/instax photos and not knowing how to display them! Well, here’s where this blog post comes in. I’ll show you some ways on how to empty that tin can of instant photos you’ve been keeping. You can totally think of other ways because honestly, there are countless methods but on this post, I’ll demonstrate three easy ways on how you can display your instant photos!


You don’t necessarily need to have the exact materials I used for this D.I.Y. You can always improvise with what you already have so you don’t need to spend that extra money of yours. ;)


Magnet stips will be your best friend for this first DIY. You can find these magnets in any arts and crafts store, even in the grocery. The one I used here was from Elmer’s. These things are just perfect for instant DIYs because it has an adhesive back so it’s easy to stick to whatever flat surface, and yes, even your polaroids!

Just cut up pieces of magnets with your scissors to the size you think seems best for your photos, stick them at the back and place them on any magnetic surface! Voila! You have polaroid magnets! It’s so fun and easy to do!


This method is very similar to the first DIY but this is way easier! You just need a pack of sticky tack and you’re good to go! I got this one from Elmer’s too. These are good for posters, your paper projects that need to be hung on your wall, and dundundun, your instant pictures of course. It’s safe to stick on walls! They don’t leave ugly marks on your beautifully painted wall and they don’t peel the paint off either so don’t worry about your parents getting mad when they see your beautiful and creative wall of memories!

All you have to do is get a small piece of putty, roll it into a tiny ball and stick it behind your photo and TADA!, you’ve got yourself a polaroid photo you can stick anywhere!


Out of all the three DIYs, this has got to be my favorite just because I like the look of anything organic and earthy! I can’t get enough of strings and baby clothespins and of course, I had to use them for my pictures!

You can totally be creative with this DIY and make it into your own style but I’ll just show you the basic steps!

Cut your strings to your desired length, depending on where you’re gonna tie them or how you want them to look. Get your instax photos and clip them on the string like they’re clothes! HAHA. So cute and fun! Tie them up to where you want to hang them and you have got yourself a little photo mobile!


You can get even more creative with this by painting the tiny clips into different colors, or by tying the strings on clothes hangers or use string lights instead of just a regular string for that extra oomf factor! 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it somehow helpful. If you do use these DIYs for your pictures and memorabilias, I’d love to see them! Just leave me a message with the link to your DIYs and I will check them out!