#TBT: Haiku

More than a couple years ago, I wrote haikus on my tumblr account. I was inspired by Tyler Knott Gregson because he writes the most beautiful haikus and poems! <3 I remember trying to be good at it too, but re-reading these haikus now made me laugh (in my head). The following haikus are created from the emo/sad years of Corinth.

Then on some days, I wrote some haikus like these:


Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading these. These photos are screen-grabbed from my Tumblr under the hashtag : #huma-haiku si Corinth. SO BADUY right?! But those were the Tumblr days. HAHA. 

In case you were wondering, this Throwback Thursdays series is where I re-post content from my Tumblr account that I think are still worth sharing or in this case, worth laughing about. You can join in on the fun if you want.

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