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#TBT: Lover's Dictionary Series

Before moving to this webspace last 2014, I was blogging through Tumblr. I've had my Tumblr account since 2009, (from corinthgonzalo to corinth to loveagirlwhoreads to corinth again then to explorewithcorinth), and as the years have passed, I've written so much content, some I regret writing (unfortunately yeah), and some worth going back to and that leads me to the reason why I created this new series.

THROWBACK THURSDAYS, so (un)original I know, will be where I re-post things (from Tumblr) that bring back nice memories, some (funny) poetry, old pictures and old personal stories that I think are still worth sharing and some fictional writing I've already published before.

For today's





tired, adj.

He yelled, “I’m tired of this same old crap!” He left, slamming the door as he stepped out. I was crying, hugging myself, trying to comfort my bleeding heart then I thought: this is exhausting you know, like we are never getting back together, like ever. 

unfair, adj.

When you want to spend time with your friends, I allow you. When you ask me to change the channel to your favorite cartoon, I do. When you crave for your greasy pizza, I’d buy you your favorite flavor. When you pat the bed signaling me to lay beside you, I almost always immediately cuddle next to you.
But whenever I ask you for something, big or small, I get nothing.

aghast, adj.

You know that I love you but…
No, I can’t. I can’t do it. Not like this. I held the pen tighter, drew thick and deep lines on the sentence I haven’t finished. I take deep breaths in, and exhale them out slowly. I don’t know what to do, how to tell him that… I hate that I even reached this point where nothing is an easy way out. I’ll hurt him no matter what I choose to do. How do I break a person’s heart gently? 
I crumpled the paper I’ve been staring at for I don’t know how long and threw it in my trash bin like I was shooting a basketball. I missed. Then, I picked up my phone, dialed his number and waited for him to answer.
"We need to talk."


I cannot believe I only wrote three! Anyway, I hope you liked reading the first three of my featured "creative" writing here and watch out for more! -CS