Where to Find Great Conflict-Free Engagement and Wedding Rings

I'm not sure if I ever told you guys about this, but when Jorge and I got married, we didn't really get myself a wedding ring. It was just not in the budget at the time, and to be honest, I didn't know what I wanted! As the years passed, I've had the craving for a wedding band, and a few weeks ago, just in time for my 3-year wedding anniversary, I got myself my dream rings!

Today, I will be sharing with you this awesome brand that offers high-quality sterling silver engagement ring, as well as beautiful wedding bands for a very low price! #TigerGemStones

When I discovered Tiger Gems Stones on Instagram through Riva's blog post, I instantly fell in love with their rings. Riva's review on her ring only spoke good things, so I knew right away that I wanted my rings to be made by them as well! I wondered, "maybe I can do a collaboration with them too!" And so, I mustered up all the courage in my heart as I wrote and sent my proposal, and to my surprise, Tabitha of Tiger Gems gladly said yes to the collaboration, and so here we are!

Scroll through the end of this post to watch a quick unboxing of my rings, but if you want to read a more in-depth review, keep reading. 

A true expression of your love isn’t measured by dollar signs.
— Tiger Gems

Tiger Gems is an online jewelry store, and they believe that love can make the world a better place. With that said, they make sure that every piece of jewelry created is infused by their passion for life. They offer the highest quality diamond stimulants, and all their stones are conflict-free and extremely affordable. They believe that a true expression of love isn't measured by dollar signs, and I AM ALL FOR THAT!

Tiger Gems offers a 100% Happiness Guarantee on all their jewelry, so, if you happen to not like your ring (which I highly doubt that you would), it's nice that every item they sell comes with a 4-month warranty from the date of your purchase. If you want to learn more about this, click here.


If you follow me on social media, you already know how much I am obsessed with my new rings! My original engagement ring is a half carat round solitaire, so when I picked out my upgrade, I made sure it had the same round cut. But I knew I wanted it to be bigger and a little "extra", so when I stumbled upon this 2.25 ctw round accented solitaire engagement ring, I knew it was the one! It only has 4 prongs (the same number as the ring my husband proposed to me with), and I love the little diamond accents on the band! 

For my wedding bands, yes, plural, I got the Art Deco and Half Eternity Band Set. I chose this because it's simple yet different, and because it's a set, I'm able to mix and match my ring stack, the same way I mix and match my clothes! They're all made of sterling silver, and all the diamonds are extremely sparkly! I often catch myself staring at them because they are so stunning!

Below is a little slideshow of the different ways I can wear my rings:

Now, I do have to take extra care with these rings since they are a bit more intricate than my original engagement ring. I make sure that I take them off when I wash the dishes, cook, take a shower, do my hair/makeup, and when I go to sleep. To see how to care for their rings, click here.

The shipping of the product was fairly quick, and all my rings came in perfect condition! SEE: Tiger Gems Shipping & Return Policy My rings arrived in a pouch, inside a box, so you know, when you do order yours, it will be packaged very securely! The Tiger Gems pouch is ultra-suede so not only can I use it to store my jewelry when I'm on the go, I can also use it to wipe down my rings for that extra sparkle! The pouch is super soft, and can be washed and reused! The box that it came in, I leave on my bedside table, and it's where I put my rings for safe-keeping when I go to sleep.

If you want to see the ring sparkle, go watch the video below and let me know what you think!

Like I said in the video, I highly recommend Tiger Gem Stones if you are in the market for high-quality, yet affordable, conflict-free sterling silver engagement and/or wedding rings. I am 100% happy and satisfied with my rings, and I just want to share this happiness with all of you!

I'm so excited to announce that Tiger Gems is giving me a discount code you can use for your purchase!


What is your dream wedding ring stack? I challenge you to check Tiger Gem's website and come back here with the link of your dream ring in the comment section below! I would love to see your picks!

DISCLAIMER: My rings were gifted to me by Tiger Gem Stones, but as always, all thoughts are entirely my own. I truly love my rings.

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