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Bye bye LDR

Time really does fly. I can’t believe it’s already been a month since Jorge moved to Canada. I remember the times when we just couldn’t wait for our long distance relationship to end because it really sucked to be apart, but today marks one month of NOT being APART and that’s something to celebrate. (We’re having daing na bangus and Coke for dinner so yes, we’re having a celebration indeed.) Happy one month of BYEBYE L.D.R.!

No more counting down of the days until the next hello or goodbye, no more crappy Skype or Facetime calls, no more virtual hugs and kisses, and no more 3,590 mile distance!

It’s really nice to know that Jorge will always be within my reach now, literally. It makes me really happy that I’m now able to enjoy his company physically. I get to hold his hand, smell his shirt, kiss his cheek and hug him like I’ve never held him in my arms before. Our long distance relationship taught me how to cherish the little things, even the fact that he makes our bed every single day or that he always comes to see me before I get off from work because he doesn’t like the idea of me going home alone. (Aww. :”>) It’s the LITTLE things that really count the most. :)

Jorge and I were apart for one year and 6 months and I’m just so glad that that’s all over now. Cheers to one month of togetherness! Cheers to forever! <3