Top 7 iPhone Apps I Use for Blogging

Bloggers are not always facing their computers 24/7, but when they're not typing on their keyboards, they're probably on their phones, still doing blogger stuff. 

I want to share with you the top 7 iPhone apps I use all the time for blogging purposes. 

1. VSCO cam - This is the main app I use for editing my blog photos. I rarely use my DSLR for my blog, but when I do, I edit those photos in Lightroom with the help of VSCO Film. If you want to see how I edit my photos using this app, refer to this post - > howieditmyinstagramphotos

2. Phonto - If you were wondering where I edit all my blog post titles, Phonto is the answer. I use this app for all my blog titles. I find Photoshop very complicated sometimes so I found an alternative app where I can add text to my photos. Phonto is one of the best iPhone "add text type" of app out there. It has a lot of fonts you can choose from within the app and you can even install your own fonts into it. If you are lazy like me, and rarely want to use Photoshop, check this app out!

3. Bloglovin' - I like how this app is like Pinterest for bloggers. You can find all sorts of blogs on there and you can easily access the posts of the bloggers you follow. It's also a nice way of sharing your blog posts when you are LAZY to update your subscribers with newsletters every time you post something new. Once you sign up and connect your blog to it, you can share a link where your readers can subscribe to and they will automatically be updated whenever you post something new. If you haven't subscribed to me yet, now is the time that you do! HAHA

4. Mailchimp Snap - This is the app I use for writing and sending my newsletters. I find it time consuming to actually log into my web account so I'm glad they have this app that works very well. It's very simple to use and very fast too! You can add photos directly from your camera roll or from your Instagram. I'm glad MailChimp can be connected to Squarespace.

5. Instagram - I like using Instagram to promote my most recent blog posts. I have a good number of followers on there and it's a nice platform to use to gain more readers. Follow me on Instagram if you haven't already! @corinth.suarez

6. Tweetbot 3 - Twitter is another great platform where you can share your blog posts and this, my friends, is my Twitter app. After I switched to this app, I couldn't go back to using Twitter's Twitter App. I've also tried so many apps for Twitter out there and I think this is the best one! It's not free but I honestly think it's worth buying. THIS WILL SERIOUSLY CHANGE YOUR TWITTER GAME. 

7. Inbox by Gmail - This is my gmail app! At first it looked so confusing to me compared to the original GMAIL app, but after a while, I learned to love it! This is where I receive and read all the comments I receive on my blog. This is what I check during the day and this is what makes me excited to come home, all because of your comments. Hihi. <3

That wraps up the top iPhone apps I use for blogging. Let me know if we use the same apps! Are there nice apps you can recommend? I want to know which ones I need in my blogging life!