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Toronto Trip: DAY 04

Toronto Trip DAY 04 : Malling and Centre Island

On our last full day in Toronto, Jorge brought us to the city. It's been such a long time since the last time I stepped foot inside a mall so when we went to the largest mall in Toronto, I got a bit overwhelmed. 

I had my very first burrito in this place and it was pretty good! We went shopping for a little while and my gosh, it frustrated me so much because there were so many people, and it wasn't even the rush I used to experience in the Philippines! I guess I just got used to the Yukon life where Walmart has no people at all! Haha. I was also annoyed by the fact that so many items were overpriced and not really worth buying at all! I'm just so happy that online shopping exists now.

taken by Jorge

taken by Jorge

After shopping and exploring the mall, Jorge brought us here! Another surprise!

We rode a ferry to Centre Island and it was an amazing experience. We watched Toronto's Skyline emerge slowly and completely before our eyes! BEAUTIFUL and of course, we took a lot of pictures

We hit the golden hour and all the trees glowed with the sun. It was very magical and it was the perfect time to take "engagement photos"! Jorge's twin brother Julian worked the camera and took photos of Jorge and I in awkward but fun poses. HAHA. I loved this day. Jorge and I are very much in love with each other and celebrating that love with his family was nice. 

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