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Toronto Trip: DAY 02

Toronto Trip: DAY 2 

It was Canada's Wonderland day for our second day in Toronto and I just thought that it was so perfect since that meant spending my Philippine-time birthday at a magical and exciting place! It was rainy and gloomy that day though and we were underdressed! It felt really cold but it turned out to be the best day to be there because there weren't long lines and the sun eventually showed up and everything about that day was perfect!

I really enjoyed our time there. The tickets were a little pricey but it was totally worth it! They have all kinds of rides there and they accommodate people of all ages! The park looked really beautiful, clean and safe. Some rides were overrated though and we were like 'WHUT??" but overall, it's a place tourists should definitely check out. Definitely ride all the big rollercoaster rides! I didn't ride all of them because the Leviathan and the Drop Tower killed me (HAHA), but if you're not afraid of heights at all, I guarantee you that you will love their rollercoaster rides because they're really THRILLING! If you are planning to go visit this place, check out their website for the list of their rides so you can plan your Wonderland trip! 

Jorge and I also had our caricature made there by the ever-smiling Gerardo. He did a really great job with our portrait, until he ripped the paper. HAHA. Just kidding Gerardo, we're grateful. While he was making it, people were staring and smiling at us like something amazing was happening. We had no idea what Gerardo was drawing. We sat there and waited until he finished the whole thing without peeking at the work in progress. 

It's a really great place for a family outing! Here are some tips I think you should know if you are going there:

  • Buy your tickets online! It's cheaper.
  • Don't bring chips or packed lunches. They confiscate them at the entrance.
  • Do not wear HEELS and do not accessorize too much if you're a woman. Dress comfortably!
  • Bring extra clothing. Make sure to pack a jacket or sweater, a scarf, underwear and etc. 
  • Don't bring your DSLR if you're going there to enjoy. Just use your phone for pictures.
  • Lastly, have fun!