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Explore With Corinth: Missing him

Two Sundays ago, my boyfriend and I went to this place near our house to go exploring for the last time, before he had to go back home to Maryland. That little hike was amazing and we took lots of photos!

I went back there today and it looked so different without all the snow on the trees. These past few days, it’s been really warm here in Whitehorse, meaning, there’s more EXPLORATION time! So today, on my day off from work, I went out of the house equipped with my iPhone 5s and my Canon EOS 7D + kit lens and my 50mm f1.8II lens, and explored! Only this time, I was alone.

It was fun to be out there in the woods alone, smiling at occasional passers by driving snowmobiles and winter mountain bikes. But most of all, I was finally able to practice shooting using my camera, the one my boyfriend gave me for Christmas! Yup! I’m blessed. 

There are a few things I need to practice on but I really enjoyed just being out there to CLICK, CLICK and CLICK! That’s a tip I guess? Never be scared to try different types of shots when it comes to photography. If you feel like it, just do it! *hope that made any sense* Another tip, bring a tripod! In today’s case, I didn’t bring the camera’s tripod because bringing my phone’s was way easier! Because when you go exploring alone, it sucks when there’s no one to take photos of you in that amazing place, so I suggest you bring a tripod so you can take photos of yourself!

*tripod from eBaY, Camera + App

Being alone shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want! Get out and there and explore! As you learn more about everything around you, you also learn more about yourself and that’s an awesome feeling.

*DSLR photos edited with VSCO Film through Lightroom 5 / iPhone photos edited with VSCO cam*