Where To Get Affordable and Sustainable Bedding

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Who knew that getting into this #cleanliving lifestyle will make me even more conscious about every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, to the bed we sleep in!

Trying to live a more conscious and “clean” lifestyle has definitely been quite a challenge for me both physically and financially, but it’s a challenge I’m willing to face because I want what’s best for my family! I hope you do too, and lucky for us, this brand that I’m about to talk to you about values sustainability and affordability when it comes to bedding, so we don’t also have to worry about how to get the best (and safest) sleep of our lives.

Explorers, meet Under the Canopy.


Under The Canopy is one of the the most sustainable and responsibly-produced home brands in the market, and they’re proud of being the pioneers in sustainable-production back when “organic” and “zero-waste” were not trendy topics. Their sheets and pillow cases are made with organic cotton and are certified by USDA Organic, OEKO-TEX, and HomeGrown Organic. Usually when you hear or read “organic” or “sustainable”, you think “expensive” and “ridiculously priced”. Though I do believe that we should invest in our overall health and safety, Under The Canopy made sure that their high-quality products are reasonably priced because they believe that organic is for everyone.

Under the Canopy is for well-being, affordability, and accessibility!


BED - Organic Sheets, Duvets & Pillows, Duvet & Pillow Cases, Quilts & Shams
BATH- Organic Towels, Robes, Bath & Body
BABY - Organic Muslin blankets, Baby Blankets, Plush Toy


• Certified organic cotton is grown naturally (no use of pesticides, fertilizers, and Genetically Modified Organisms (aka GMOs).
• Organic cotton uses safe methods that respect both the earth and the health of farmers.
• Organic cotton saves water, energy, and reduces your carbon footprint.
• Organic cotton is durable.
• Organic cotton's higher-quality fibers soften with each wash.


• Their products are certified pure (produced without harmful substances including carcinogens or GMOs) and eco-friendly, making them the best and safest option for the family.
• Under The Canopy products aren’t boring because their products come in beautiful different colors! Organic can look fun too and this is made possible since Under The Canopy uses low-impact and non-toxic dyes.
• Under The Canopy products are soft and breathable for the best night sleep!


Like I mentioned earlier, Under The Canopy values accessibility so you can find their products online and exclusively at Bed Bath & Beyond stores!

Why we love Under the Canopy?

Under The Canopy definitely knows what they’re doing because our sheets and pillow cases feel incredible! The sheets don’t feel thin, and I’m sure that after several washes, they will eventually feel like butter! It has definitely made me sleep better because the organic cotton feels incredible on my skin and I’m sure my husband can say the same! With the hotter months already upon us, and with us moving to Miami really soon, having breathable bedding is very important to us, and Under The Canopy products are just that. And to top all of those good things off, this amazing brand uses clean and sustainable materials giving me peace of mind as we go off to dreamland.

Get some Under The Canopy items for your home and you will thank me later! Shop below!

Do you love organic cotton and are you using organic bedding? If not, would you try Under The Canopy? What are some of your favorite home brands?

Photos taken by Jorge Suarez, edited with my Cotton Preset.

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Where To Get Affordable and Sustainable Bedding - Under the Canopy Review