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Valentine's Day 2014

Valentine’s Day here was pretty crazy! I work at a coffee shop that’s named The Chocolate Claim, a shop that makes their own chocolates, and a shop that’s really popular here in Whitehorse, so yeah, my Valentine’s eve work day and Valentine’s day were really crazy! Crazy is not even the proper word to describe how awful it was to have worked during these days!

It’s funny and unbelievable how people really spend so much on chocolates; chocolates that won’t even probably last an hour after they’ve been given to their valentine. Not that I’m being bitter or anything. I just find it really unreasonable, especially when you buy the chocolates AT OUR SHOP! We sell chocolates like they’re freaking GOLD! They’re so expensive and honestly, they’re not at all WOW. I mindlessly make comments too when my customers pay for their chocolates. WOW. WOAH. And then they answer: Well, it’s only once a year sooo. And yeah, that’s true too! But is Valentine’s the only day we’re really forced to splurge on chocolates to make our special someone feel special? No. Should we really BUY stuff to make our special someone happy? No. But sometimes that’s good, who doesn’t want some nice and new stuff, or very yummy chocolate? But buying, is that really necessary? Absolutely not.

There are so many ways to make your other half feel really blessed and joyful to have you. You don’t really need to spend! That’s one lazy way of telling them that you care. Do something BETTER for a change! :) It’s fun to be creative sometimes. Explore your abilities! Draw something, sing, record yourself dancing, go crazy and wild just to make her smile and laugh, take her to a place she had always wanted to go to, prepare a private picnic, the sky’s the limit! THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT YOU COULD DO!

I know I’m not in the place to tell you this right now since I didn’t really do something for Jorge for Valentine’s. (oopsie) But given that we’re in a long distance relationship, it’s hard. It sucks to be so far apart from my love. But my boyfriend was still able to surprise me and make me happy! He made this video to bring back life into me. I was being so cold and moody and things happening in my life here don’t help so I just get angry most of the time. I was always in an ugly mood and it ate up the life inside me. But his love is so genuine and pure, that whatever he does to make me happy just succeeds. He’s beyond my expectations from a boyfriend and I feel blessed and joyful to have him. And yes, not a penny was spent behind the happiness his video has brought to me.

It’s not about the money guys, so don’t worry if you’re broke and it’s Valentine’s, or her birthday, or your anniversary. Just pour your heart out into everything you do for her, she won’t even ask for diamond rings, roses or just chocolates. She’d actually feel more than blessed to have you.