Vancouver, CA | Day Three + Goodbye

Day three in Vancouver was wet and cold! It rained all day but it was still my favorite day when I was in Vancouver. I was texting with Fritz that morning and I told him that I would meet him at 12PM because I wanted to do some last minute shopping at the mall near my hotel. I've only known Fritz from Instagram and this would be the first time I meet him in person. He told me that he and Glenny, his friend, would drive me around and outside of Vancouver. I was excited!


I visited the H&M store at the Pacific Centre Mall and I got a few stuff I absolutely love! By the time I decided I wanted to get back at my hotel, the rain poured fast and hard and I couldn't get a taxi! I didn't think it would so hard to get a cab. I was stranded at the Georgia Hotel and was getting really wet. So I ended up asking Fritz to pick me up from where I was stuck. Kahiya! 

When I saw them stop in front of me, I was so happy and relieved! I'll finally be warm!! So they started driving and they were talking about how to get to our destinations for the day. I didn't know that we weren't going back to my hotel anymore, well that was my fault. Haha. So when I told them that I had to go back to my hotel first because my phone was dying, we were stuck in traffic! I felt so bad, but Glenny worked her magic and thought of a nice way to turn around. 


This is where we entered so we can go back to the city centre. Of course, while we were already there, we had to take pictures. We saw The Lions Gate Bridge, visited Prospect Point, absolutely loved the view and then I posed inside the Hollow Tree!

When I got back at the hotel, I just planned to quickly change my shoes and get my puffy jacket because as you can see from the picture above I am wearing the most inappropriate exploring clothes, but when I went to change, I saw that my jeans' butt area was wet with blood! "WHAT THE HECK?!!" My period came unannounced (yey, I'm not preggo yet) and the first thing that came to my head was this: DID I STAIN THE FREAKING CAR SEAT?!! Oh gosh I hope I didn't!

I dug my trusty black leggings and wore my boots, packed some red sea stuff and my portable charger. I stepped out of the hotel bundled inside my pink puffy jacket and scarf and when I stepped inside the car and checked the seat, it was completely blood stain-free! HALLELUJAH! 

Lynn Canyon Park / Suspension Bridge

Our first stop was at Lynn Canyon park to see one of the famous hanging bridges I see from instagrammers who visit Vancouver. It was beautiful when we arrived. The sun was peaking through a little bit through the tall trees and the sound of the waterfall was very calming and nice. When we were about to take photos in the middle of the bridge, a huge line up of asian tourists followed behind us so we had to keep walking. When I looked down while we were halfway through the bridge, I felt my heart drop to my feet because IT WAS STINKING HIGH! It felt like I was walking through a thin rope and I felt so scared! OMG! I walked really fast until I reached the end where I felt safe. WHEW! We had to wait for the huge number of tourists to pass by so we can go take the pictures we thought we deserved. HAHA. Thank God for Fritz and Glenny for the moral support. Taking these pictures felt like life and death for me. 


So the plan for the day was to tour me to most of the famous insta-landmarks in Vancouver. Next stop was Cleveland Dam. It was breathtaking! The mountains, the fog, the dam and the little green house in the middle of the water- AAAH! <3 This is also the place where we experimented with the sideways #leanwithit photo that was made popular on Instagram. I had fun doing a little hiking. When we were about to leave, the rain caught us and we were soaked! Thank God for waterproof mascaras! 

Whytecliff Park

Then we went to see the beach and a huge rock! Fritz wasn't too happy about the low tide because it made all the rocks show up on the shore but I still enjoyed the view and the peacefulness while we were there. I just love the beach! We didn't climb the rock though because we saw that the other people had a hard time climbing down.

Buntzen Lake

Fritz thought we could still squeeze in Buntzen Lake into our itinerary. I'm glad we did! It was a pretty far drive from Whytecliff so I kind of fell asleep in the car. Haha. But when we got to the place, it was gorgeous! We hoped for the sun to be out by the time we got there so we could take pictures of the sun's rays peaking through the trees, but mr.sun wasn't present as the sky was busy raining all day, but it made place look so dreamy and pretty! I'll let the photos speak for themselves. 

After Buntzen Lake, we drove up to another spot to take pictures but we didn't really want to go out in the rain again so we decided to have dinner instead at a Filipino restaurant called Kulinarya. It was around the area so it was the perfect time for food and rest. :) The interior was very nice and the food was great. I recommend it! 

Fritz- Tapsilog // Glenny- Pork BBQ and rice // Me- Sinigang

Fritz- Tapsilog // Glenny- Pork BBQ and rice // Me- Sinigang

Then we stopped by the Metrotown mall to buy Heather, my niece, a Donald duck toy but oddly enough, the toy store didn't have any Donald Duck toy! I ended up buying a Princess Sophia doll, and I also did a quick visit at Forever 21 to buy my sister a purse. 

Fritz and Glenny drove me back to my hotel and then we said our see-you-agains. 

It was my first real time meeting people from Instagram besides Jorge and it felt foreign to me. It's been a really long time since I met up with people to hang and talk, let alone Instagram people so I was really shy and awkward the whole time. It was really nice meeting them though. I enjoyed hearing legit Instagram talk. We had a lot of laughs, especially on the drive back to my hotel that night and it's definitely not the last time I'm going to see them. 

Fritz and Glenny, if you are reading this, thank you for going out of your way just to tour me around Vancouver and I promise that I will make it up to you guys! I won't be too shy and quiet the next time we see each other. More stories will be shared and more laughter will escape our mouths! I really had a great time in Vancouver and because of you guys, it made my first trip in Vancouver memorable. Thank you!

The next day, I said goodbye to Vancouver. I had a very nice and relaxed morning and the sun decided to show up, finally! I had breakfast at this place called Abode and I had a yogurt parfait and coffee. I got back at the hotel, made sure I didn't forget anything, left my wet and hot mess of a hotel room and checked myself out. I left an hour and a half early so I won't be late for my check in. I arrived fast at the Vancouver airport and the next thing I know, I was in the air again.

And that concludes my short Vancouver trip in photos. I have a lot of footage for a VLOG so stay tuned for that. I'm really excited to show you guys how beautiful Vancouver is through video. 

I hope you guys enjoyed following and reading my Vancouver adventure. I hope there will be more travels for me and Jorge in the near future. Xx