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I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Raisa of Little-Town! Thank you so much for this nomination girl and I'm sorry it took me forever to do this! ✌


  • Thank the person who nominated you
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  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 facts about you
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I have written so many facts about myself on this blog before but another 7 won't hurt, after all, 7 is my favorite number!

  1. I never knew that I was a really anxious person until Jorge pointed it out to me. Now that I know about this thing about myself, I am more conscious of how I am feeling. Like now, I know that I get anxious when I am in any medical facility, the waiting, the smell, the strangers, it makes me nervous. Like also, I get anxious when my cellphone starts ringing, or like when paying anywhere, I always make sure I have my money or card ready because I hate making other people wait, it makes me super nervous, and when I watch movies/movie trailers in which the actors stand at the edge of a building, OMG, bye!
  2. I am not a very positive person and I get discouraged so easily. When things don't go how I planned them to be, I get so mad and I just start feeling bad about the situation like there's no way for me to feel okay again. I end up lashing out my feelings towards the people around me. I know, that's not a very nice attitude to have, but I am working on it. I should remind myself more often to breathe and breathe really deep. Sometimes, it only takes two seconds for us to feel okay again. 
  3. I'm an impulsive buyer, especially when the packaging is cute! Maybe that's why I am so broke. HAHA. You know that Too Faced brand, yup, I want all their products for the sole reason that their packaging wins all the time! UGH! Thank God I'm broke, haha!
  4. Passive? That's me! And I hate that about myself! There are things in my life that I could have experienced better if only I wasn't such a passive person. I let things happen because I don't want to go into the trouble of saying how I actually feel, to avoid arguments, to avoid complications. If only I was more vocal, if only I was a little bit more confident, if only I was just a little less anxious about things, my life would've been so much better, I've probably gotten an upgrade in my Vancouver hotel room if I'd said something about their plumbing. 😭 (See also: Vancouver Trip DAY 2)
  5. I'm a loner. I like keeping to myself. I'm not the person who ends up having a conversation with a stranger at the airport. I am not the kind of person who likes visitors around the house. I'm usually like that only when I'm out in public though. It's a different story when I'm with my real friends, and thank God, I can only count a few with my fingers.  How do you start a friendship? I don't really know how anymore...
  6. I like watching ice skating competitions, and cheer dance competitions, and because of that, I've always wanted to become a gymnast. Analyzing the state my body is in right now, I can say that becoming a gymnast will only be JUST a dream. 
  7. I cannot stand "proud" people. I just know how a proud person speaks and acts and I cannot stand it! Also, people who don't research things before they talk about it and they talk about it as if they know every bit of it. I'm like, "yo! do you know how dumb you sound right now?!" Nope, I CANNOT DEAL WITH THOSE PEOPLE! 


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Let me know if you do actually participate on this one so I can read your 7 facts too! 

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